A few Points on the Frigidaire All-Refrigerator/All-Freezer

fool1977September 20, 2010

We recently purchased and installed the Frigidaire Pro all-freezer/all-refrigerator units with SS trim-kit. So far so awesome. They look amazing, are very quiet, and do what any working freezer and refrigerator do. They freeze things, and chill things.

It is believed by Sears sales people that the Kenmore Elites that look identical to the Frigidaire Pro's, are indeed the same appliance because they're both made by Frigidaire. THEY ARE NOT THE SAME. The Kenmore units are not energy star rated. In fact, the Kenmore refrigerator uses 438 kWh/yr whereas the Frigidaire uses only 350.

A lot of anecdotal info points to these units not being the same either. Going online you can find numerous complaints about the Kenmore Elite being really loud, and not cold enough (refrigerator) and our Frigidaire units are quiet, and seems cold enough set on 4 out of 7. I suppose I could make it colder by turning it up.

I'm suspicious that the compressor and insulation is different between the Kenmore and Frigidaire and that explains why the Kenmore's are louder, less energy efficient, and supposedly less cold.

If anyone was having doubts about getting a more affordable all-freezer/all-refrigerator unit, you might want to explore getting the Frigidaire Pro's. They look amazing, and so far they work fine.

The Electrolux Twins are gorgeous as well and have more features, but they're far more expensive.

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Thanks so much for this report! Not too many have this kind of config in their kitchens and it's my dream to do this in our next kitchen. I think you're right that the units may be similar but not identical to the Kenmores; Sears specifies exactly what they want in an appliance and the mfgs build them to that specification. Sometimes it's better, but not always, as we've personally found.

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After a few more weeks I'll write a follow-up report to update you and others on their performance. There can be no doubt they look stunning and I'll post some pics as well soon.

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fool977, I had ruled out this pair, based on reviews, but there really is no other choice in that price range. I'd love to hear more about your experiences and pics would be great! Maybe I'll reconsider...

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I had been considering Electrolux ICON, and then found the cheaper alternative Electrolux EI32AR65JS(about $300). I'm intrigued by the Frigidaire's cost and would like to know more about performance from jkom51 and fool 1977 before we make a commitment. Thanks!

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Hey fool1977, I don't see a Frigidaire model that uses 350kwhr per year. Both of the same-sized Kenmore and Frigidaire units (per Sears website) have the same 438kwhr consumption, the the slightly larger Electrolux units are 365kwhr.

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fool - your logic just doesn't track.

Basing a statement like: "THEY ARE NOT THE SAME" based solely on an energy star tag is, well, foolish. While technically you are correct - they do have different suits of clothes and lighting ect, but I believe the heart and lungs are the same. Seems like you could also be mistaken re: what you are comparing.

Basing it on reviews that Sears customers blog about is also not real smart either. There are plenty of unhappy Frigidaire owners with that model and a few Electrolux ones also.

Be sure to come back in a year and two to report about your longer term experiences, this will be a huge barometer of your/those units.

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Greetings. While it has not yet been a year I'll take a few minutes to report on my experience with the Frigidaire all-freezer/all refrigerator units we have had for the last four months or so.

So far we have continued to be very happy with the units performance. The refrigerator does not disappoint. It continues to have no issues with either sound, or chilling ability. Food has been kept fresh, etc... Still looks great of course.

The freezer freezes. I don't know what else to say really.

I didn't use retail store figures for Energy Star compliance but rather the manufacturers info cross referenced with EnergyStar.gov. The model I have is energy star rated according to Frigidaire and I looked up the model number (FPRH17D7K) with Energy star that reports they are 350kWh/yr.

I have not actually found a lot of negative reviews for my FPRH17D7K unit. Indeed many I have found are positive and lack the complains of the folks who have purchased the Kenmore elites. There was a set of Frigidaire units that bore the prefix PLU rather than FPR and perhaps that is where some confusion lies. Those units were not energy star compliant.

In another few months I'll report again my experience with my freezer/frig units.

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I appreciate your report, as I am considering the Frigidaire. Thanks!

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Thanks! We were just looking at the Frigidaire all-freezer and thinking of putting it in as our basement freezer. Glad to hear this report!

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Thank you for this info, fool 1977. We are about to get an all freezer. DH did some research and says that Frigidaire freezers are made in the USA, which to us is a huge plus. So I'm glad to hear that it is working well for you.

About the Energy star rating, though, I don't put much stock in that since reading that it's pretty much a crock (political) and no guarantee that anything is more efficient.

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Fool1977, Can you give me the model number of the all-freezer please? I just went to look for it under FPRH17D7K and apparently that's the all fridge.

Did you buy it at Sears? They don't have any all freezer sounding remotely like that model number.

I'm not going to buy SS because it's going in the laundry room, so all white will do.


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We are pretty sold on the Frigidaire Pro all-refrigerator and freezer combo.

We have plenty of room in our new design and don't want in-door water, ice maker etc...

We are looking at the FPUH19D7LF and FPRH19D7LF which are both listed as Energy Star appliances.

I see quite a few differences between these and the Kenmore units - hopefully that is the case when we get them!

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Fool1977, it has been a while since you last posted an update about this combo and I'm curious about your experience with them since then. Any feedback would be appreciated, thx

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I appreciate finding this, as I really am sold on this unit w/trim in the kitchen of the house we are just about to build, but I have seen a few negative reviews on the durability/longevity, esp. of the compressor, which some say cannot be replaced if it goes. I would also love a follow up to know if fool is still satisfied.

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I have had a completely different experience with this set. I love the way they look, but the fridge is super loud - to the point of driving me crazy. I have taken the panel off the back, vacuumed the coils, releveled it twice and still it is very loud with alot of vibration and a vroom vroom vroom kind of noise that repeats forever. Every once in a while it is silent, but most of the entire night I'm trying to sleep it roars. What on earth could be causing it to do that? (It's about 5 years old). I started noticing the noise a few years ago, but it may have been doing it the whole time. Thanks for any help you can lend.

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Hope to hear more updates, I am considering the refrigerator for my remodel. I dont need ice, water and all that junk, just keep it cold.

I am not an appliance pro but they are pretty simple. I suspect a pump or fan. Probably the fan look in the back when it is running and see if something is caught in the fan blades or a bearing going out. Unless you are confident dont take it apart yourself, call a repair man. If it was me I would open the back and locate the sound, I would bet on the fan being unbalanced or the bearing wearing out. If it is still cooling fine its probably the fan.

But dont mess with these things if you are not comfortable around them, I have worked as a technician for more than 10 years so I respect the insides but no longer fear them. (well gas makes me nervous, boom!)

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KateMartin, we had noise problems twice with the refrigerator. Once was a loose screw underneath, which we were able to tighten ourselves, and the other time the fan needed to be replaced. The screw issue started after two years and the fan after four years. Both were underneath, not in the back.
Overall, very happy with both units: capacity, looks, simple and inexpensive icemaker option.

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HI can anyone tell me if there is a finish difference between the kenmore elite and the frigadaire models? Im interested in the stainless steel only. Does any one have feed back on the electrolux 32" refrigerator?

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i am lucky and have a 72" opening so I started looking at the built ins. my initial look was at the Frididaire and Kenmore but fell in love with the look of the Electrox Icon Professional. The french door handles was a really nice look. any feed back on these units? they are more expensive and I am trying to justify the cost difference

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Niki Friedman

KipG- we are in the same boat. Going with electrolux cooking so we thought the elex columns made sense. However, we just cannot justify the cost difference. Little bells and whistles here and there but even with rebates, I believe the units were $6-800 more than Frigidaire. Plus, the frigidaire take magnets. With two little ones, I love that we can proudly display their work once again!

Our reno begins the first week of Nov so I'll be sure to take pics once the twins are in ;)

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Ken Moore

To anyone still reading these posts that intended to buy this set - did you? What's your experience been?

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