Downloaded docs. are scrambled

ronalawn82July 9, 2011

I chose "Microsoft Word" as the program to download a document. The document appeared all symbols, some words and commands. Worse, all documents are now appearing in the same manner.

Please help me to resolve this.


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Version of Word you have? Format of documents, .doc or .docx?


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I think I would try again but download as a text file (.txt) into Notepad and see what happens.

Was this from a web site?

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What kind of document are you trying to download and from where. If this isn't something private/personal, post the URL so we can take a look.

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Thanks for the suggestions. The problem was resolved when I ran the recovery disc.
For the record, all the doc.'s were attached to emails. I could "view" them but "download" was scrambled.

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I was tempted to try and help on this one, and now I'm glad I did not. It would've been interesting to actually see an example of what the problem looked like, or know which functions of the "recovery" disk were used to correct it. What we've learned at the end is simply that the problem went away about as easily as an aspirin cures a headache. I suspect that the problem was PEBKAC all along, and no information has been provided to suggest otherwise.

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