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eleenaSeptember 26, 2012

I have honestly searched but could not find answers to my questions.

What font clearance do dish drawers require?

A regular DW needs at least 25" for the door to fully open. I am hoping that the drawers need less.

I have been wanting a drawer DW *forever* for obvious reasons discussed in many posts here. We are a family of 3 and unless I am cooking multiple meals at once, it takes more than a day to fill the DW, so it starts smelling bad, so we run the DW less than half-full on most days. The Top Rack option does not help as the dinner plates and most of pots and pans do not fit there. And when I do cook for a "week", all the dishes and cookware do not fit the DW anyway, so we need to do two loads.

Also, DH unloads and loads the dishes at night, so they wait all day taking up counter space and sink space. I think that having two drawers would help with that.

However, every appliance manager we have talked to told us that having only drawers will impact the re-sale as people want a full-size DW.

And, if we need to run a full-load, it means running two separate motors, doesn't it? Which means more energy use.

Could someone address these concerns?

What are the other cons?


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Depends on the model. F&P varies from 21-7/8" (recessed handle model) to 23-1/16" (handle model). That is the full extension of the drawer from the position of the front panel when closed.

A potential buyer could replace the drawer model with a standard type for a few hundred dollars, so resale is really not a consideration, especially once the washer is a few years old.

You'll have to do your own research on energy, but I doubt that is likely to be much of a consideration.

On, you can find specifications and installation instructions on many appliances.

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Fori is not pleased

Dish drawers are cool and can only help resale. People might later decide they don't like them, but they are definitely not a turnoff. I've sold two. :(

Just measured my FP (~1.5 years old, tall tub model, recessed handle) and it comes out ~21 inches. The big difference, though, is that if you walk into it, it doesn't leave your shin bleeding. :) And you don't have to open it very far to stick in a fork. You can close it with your foot or hip.

I have not checked energy consumption but those data are available. If you're already running half loads, it might end up being an energy (and water) saver for you regardless.

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I too have a F&P ...I love how it cleans and constantly amazed at how quiet it is ....I have had since dec and love it ...I highly recommend it ...

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Thank you!

I have been always curious about the resale thing. In every house we bought, the DW was was old and sort of ugly and was always the first thing to break - to my delight as I was "dying" to replace them - without any interference on my part, LOL. It never stopped me from buying the house. It is so easy to replace a DW, why would it be a deal-breaker for anyone?

Yes, FP tall tub one sounds like a great option!

There are some critical reviews on AJMadison website from people saying the DW does not clean. Do you think they just got defective units (as two of you and other reviewers loved theirs)?

Here is a link that might be useful: FP reviews

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Do any of you with the tall tub have two drawers or only one? My kitchen also has a clearance problem and I was considering one FP tall tub. I'm in my sixties, live alone and do not really need a second drawer but thought resale might be an issue. My current dishwasher consists of two hands. :-) I didn't mean to hijack this thread, but my question seems closely related to the OP. Thanks.

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Fori is not pleased

I'm sure a Bosch would have fewer dirty dish rejects but the ergonomics make it so I don't care. You do need to learn to load or stuff won't get clean. But they're perfectly acceptable DWs. Not super awesomely quiet either, but certainly not bad.

Beanie, you might as well get a double and not use the lower one (or set it up for pots). The cabinetry cost to go under a single is probably greater than a double drawer. If resale is really a concern, I'd do that. (The resale issue probably depends on the type of community, size of home, etc.)

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No opinions about critical reviews?

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Dishwashers are among the most "personal" of major appliances in terms of usage habits and performance expectations ... so there will always be a wide range of reviews on any given machine.

My DD603 is 9+ years, no repairs needed thus far. It fits my needs quite nicely. They don't "fit the style" so well of people who do a lot of cooking and baking and need or want to run large serving trays, stockpots, cookie sheets and such through their dishwasher. A few large items may fit at a time but not several with a full load of other dishware. Some serious cooks may prefer to handwash bakeware, so there's that.

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dadoes -- I've read many of your posts about the dish drawer and really appreciate learning about your experience. There are so many mixed reviews, though recent models seem to get more favorable reviews. I'll probably buy the single tall drawer. Thanks again.

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Thank you!

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