Miele vs. Bosch dw - two questions

sjhockeyfan325September 6, 2013

We were all set on the Bosch 800 series dw because it's supposed to be really quiet and we have an open-plan living area. However, a friend just moved from a house where she had a Miele to an apartment where she has a Bosch, and she mentioned that the Bosch doesn't hold nearly as much as the Miele. Is that true? One of the things I hated about the dish drawers I had in my last house, and the GE Profile I have now (besides the fact neither cleaned all that well!) was the layout/lack of capacity.

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It's my understanding that the new design Bosch is one of the largest dishwashers on the market now. These were just starting sales in July so your friend probably was comparing an older Bosch

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It is an older Bosch that she has. I'll have to go to the store to compare. Thanks - I wasn't aware the design had changed.

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Take a couple of samples of your daily plates and bowls with you to the store to see how well any dishwasher check loads.

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I took my kitchen with me and came home with a Miele - there are 2 rack designs with the Miele. Ours will hold 12-14 place settings easily (except for our giant red wine glasses)
The appliance store thought I was a bit eccentric as I pulled out plates, bowls, serving dishes, and pots! I had 2 crates of test items.

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That's funny a2gemini. I took one plate, one bowl and 1 glass. I have to go back with some silverware.

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When the new 800 Plus came out Bosch claimed a capacity of 16 place settings.

They got some pushback from consumer magazines and testers in Europe. Now Bosch claims 15 place settings.

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We just got our new Bosch 500 installed two days ago. It has a 3rd rack (more like an extra drawer) which we like a lot. It's our understanding that Bosch recently redesigned their d/w to make them bigger.

I had a Kitchen Aid for 10 years and when I loaded it for the first time it was very user friendly.

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WE bought a new Bosch a couple months ago to go with the new kitchen. We didn't go high end, but the bosch is very very quiet. The higher end Bosch's had some nifty rack lay-outs that were moveable to accommodate different ...dish needs (?). We've been really happy with the Bosch.

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Which model do you have, Jackfre?

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sj -also take along some serving platters and cooking vessels - aka pot/pans
I just loaded up my Miele after canning (OK - I don't have a true canning set up but my All-clad 8 qt holds 7 pints) and a lemon veal dish and "Al Dente" pasta dish (local pasta company)
I have the 8 qt and insert, 4 qt, colander, 2 large fry pans, and lots more running right now.

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We went to the store with a lot of "accoutrements" today. The Miele clearly holds more than the Bosch, so we're down to deciding whether layout/capacity or deibles is more important, since the kitchen/or/dr is all one room. Haven't decided yet.

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I find this quite curious.

Both brands are working within the same space constraints: namely 24" (or 60cm) width x 34 1/2" height.

At the end of the day the interiors are pretty close to even in total size. Sure one will be bigger or smaller than the other in volume, but really one plates' worth of size is going to swing your decision???

The racking layout will have the biggest effect but only in relation to your specific tablewear and how you choose to nest things.

I don't think it's as easy as saying "brand x has a larger capacity, so I'll buy it ".

Who measures the capacity ? Is it with a tape measure or with real dishes ? DO they use the same dishes that you do ?

FWIW - I have both brand of DW's and a Fisher Paykel drawer too. They all have their strong points, and my dishes ,glasses, pots, and silverwear all fit in each one.

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Xedos, I guess you didn't bother to read my post. I went to the store with MY plates, large bowls, small bowls, large glasses, small glasses, silverware and utensils. The Miele layout (need that really be said) clearly held more of MY dishes etc than the Bosch. FWIW, I previously had the dish drawers and they held half of what a tall tub Miele could hold.

Yes, is dishwashers didn't have a particular rack design, then one 24" tall tub dishwasher would probably have the same capacity as another if you were filling it with jello rather than dishes.

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Here is a site with pictures of a loaded Bosch 800 and Miele Futura Crystal. In their testing, this particular Bosch held one more place setting than the Futura Crystal.



Depending on the dishwasher model, of course, I find Miele's basket a little more flexible in general.


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As SJ said - the Miele held more of her dishes - it probably varies depending on your dishes. I found the same when I was looking and brought my kitchen with me.
I know the upgraded rack in the Miele worked much better with my dishes - so went with the upgraded racks.

I think Bosh changed their racks since I last tested.

SJ - I also love the feature on our Miele where the DW pops open at the end which helps with the drying cycle.

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SJ - I did read your post. And, I still stand by my assessment.

The results will be totally different depending on which model from which brand you choose to compare. The racks (and what they'll hold) vary from model to model. You bring any dishes and cups you choose and I'll select the models and and make it so the Bosch wins every time. So what?

My point was - They are both the same size and I don't think anyone should get all hot and bothered over STATED CAPACITY of a dishwasher . WHat are the chances someone else has your same set of dishes and glasses and silverware AND will load it in the same manner ?

My spouse will always get more stuff in our dishwasher. Some of it doesn't always come out clean , but mine do . Just depends on your preferences.

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Configuration matters. I tested both Bosch and Miele and we ended up with a Miele because of the flexibility of the racks. We were able to get 2 tiers of cups and glass on each side of the top rack and the cutlery tray freed up space for more big pots. We also found we could load plates on the top rack as well as bottom racks. The angle of the tines allowed for better loading of bowls as well. We got an older La Perla model and the rack flexibility of the higher end Miele was a significant differentiator.

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