all new appliances for build - how to select?

cardinal94September 18, 2013

First, I should say we don't want a package deal of matching appliances. We want the best quality in each one that fits in our budget. That being said, if we can get by with cheaper on one appliance, we might spend more on another one.

Any hints on the following list would be helpful:

- 36" induction cooktop Leaning towards GE Monogram strictly because of the mirror finish. We'll have stainless countertops & think it will look well with it. Thermador also makes one, but have read a lot of bad reviews.

- freezerless refrigerator Lots of options. Like the separate opening drawers of a Sub Zero, but not sure it's worth spending the big bucks for that. Will have separate freezer in pantry, already owned. Have even considered 2 refrigerator drawers for main kitchen & another cheaper fridge in large pantry. Drawers are big bucks.

- dishwasher Like delayed start and would just like it to get things clean, bells & whistles not needed. Quiet operation good. Never put pots and pans in dishwasher.

- oven Thinking of one with smaller casserole sized space and then large oven underneath. Think GE makes one. Had a new GE convection oven in a home a couple of yrs ago. Took FOREVER to heat up. Hated it.

- undercounter icemaker So many options out there & widely varying prices.

Microwave already owned & not needed.

Would like stainless on fronts, or be able to have custom fronts to match cabinets.

Any comments appreciated.

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On the cooktop, I understand your attraction to the finish, it is lovely. But make sure you consider function first. The GE, as far as I remember, requires 12" of clearance underneath it, so you can't have a shallow utensil drawer as many of us do - that may not be important to you, but you should be aware in case it is in your plans. Also consider the hob placement. Some like the big hob in front so it's easy to saute, some prefer in back so you don't have to reach over big boiling pots. I don't know how the GE is set up, but think about what you would like. Finally, make sure the controls work well for you. Some you have to tap repeatedly, some you slide your finger along. Some people like timers. You may have already thought of all this, but I thought I'd mention it in case you hadn't.

I think the GE oven you're thinking of may be the Advantium speed oven, which combines oven and microwave. I think Miele makes one, too. In ovens, many of us like the Electrolux non-Icon Wavetouch as a good mid-priced unit. It has a "Rapid Preheat" setting. But you might want the look of the smaller oven to coordinate with the one right beneath it. You also might want to think about the color of the displays if the ovens will be "glowing" all the time. A red clock on one and a blue clock on the other right below it would probably bother me.

If you search in google something like "gardenweb advantium" or "gardenweb wall ovens" or "gardenweb all refigerator" you'll find old threads. It's much better than the search function right on GW.

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