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texasgirl54July 31, 2011

I have big problems with IE and would like to install Safari or Firefox.

How do I do this??

Uninstall IE completely on my Control panell and install a new browser?? Od just add the new browser?

I have Windows XP.


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Very simple to do, go here for the Firefox download page and here for Safari. Install both and try them, they use no resources when not active and you can then see if there is a preference for you.

Not to try confusing you but there are also Opera and Chrome both of which are as good as those you select.

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Add the new browser. It's just another program and your computer doesn't care whether you have one browser or ten, and they don't interact with one another or interfere with one another. I have three browsers, and, since they have slightly different features, I occasionally have all three open at the same time. In addition, you can import all of your bookmarks into the new browser(s) from IE.

There are ways to remove your current version of IE, but not typically from the Control Panel, and it may cause further problems if you do it. Leave IE alone and don't bother with it if it isn't working properly. Maybe the next update of Windows will even take care of whatever problem you have.

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