Height of Great Room Cathedral

kberrie1August 1, 2012

Curious to know the approximate height of the great room in this plan with the cathedral ceiling. Can anyone venture an educated guess?


If the pitch is 8/12 and the room is appx. 19x19'6.

Here is the plan and the outside (the GR is where the 2433 is and the cathedral runs the line.

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Uploaded with ImageShack.us

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Roughly 7' plus whatever the room height is. So 8' walls plus 7' would give you 15', 9' walls give you 16', that is up to the peak.

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FWIW, this elevation doesn't match your floorplan (unless you've been modifying your floorplan). The master bath window/master bath extension does not exist in your elevation.

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Sorry you are correct, I modified the floor plan.

The ceilings are 9'.

Could you enlighten me on how you figure this?

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8 divided by 12 times 10 equals 6.77777.

6.7777 plus 9 equals 15.777, or 15'8" from the floor to the peak.

y = mx + b�good old Algebra!

This isn't exact, your room is either 19' or 19'6" wide, I assumed it was 20 just because I could do the math in my head a bit easier. If we go with 19' instead of 20', then your height from floor to peak is 15'4". Not much difference.

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