Wolf vs. Vent-A-Hood

scottieleeSeptember 6, 2007

Hi everyone,

I am on the verge of ordering appliances for my soon to be remodeled kitchen. Range will be Wolf 30" all gas. Hood will be either Wolf Pro 30"x27" or Vent-A-Hood 30"x27".

To summarize what I've read about hoods made by Wolf and Vent-A-Hood in similar configuration (900cfm 27" depth):

Wolf Hoods

- Better performance in grease removal

- Not as quiet

- More switch adjustments

- Harder to clean (sharp edges on filters)

- Difficult to install (heavy)


- Less noisy than competitors

- Switch not as easy to reach?

- Easier to clean? No filters used

- Less costly


- Which has better build quality?

- Any issue with the electromagnetic field generated by both? Any symptoms like headaches when operating at full power?

Any input will be greatly appreciated!!!

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I don't have either but I think the cleaning issue is not clear cut. My hood has baffles which go right in the dishwasher. The Vent-a-hood has squirrel cages which have to be removed and cleaned - some people have difficulty doing this.

I believe the Wolf hoods are rebadged Independent hoods which are somewhat less expensive - you might check out those as well. Good luck.

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I have a 30-inch DF Wolf, and put up the same Wolf hood you're contemplating.

I had the installer install it, so have no idea about ease of installation or any of those details.

I really do like the hood and exhaust fan. Yes, it does make a noise, but it's a hood moving grease and fumes out of the house, so I expect that. I can easily converse while it's on, and am never reluctant to use it when I have company.

When I sautee, I use very little oil, so I doubt I'm challenging the hood for all that it's designed to do. I find it easy to wipe down and clean...I honestly haven't encountered the sharp edges (or don't remember them if I did).

I thought deciding on hoods and fans was the most difficult of the appliance selection process.

Good luck!

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I just ordered the Wolf 36" DF range but went with the vent-a-hood NPH. I loved the look of the Wolf hood, and the NPH looked so much like the Wolf hood. I went with the Vent-a-hood because of appliances store recommendation. Quieter & less $$$. Also this forum speaks very highly of the Vent-a-hood.

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