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mxyplxJuly 9, 2012

Skipping many bloody details I had to reformat my old computer (XP/Home) and the only way I could was to install W/XP Pro off the disk from my "new" comp. So I didn't enter the activation code which gives me 30 days to figure out something else. Of course it's not updated and there's no virus protection etc and at this writing it's off line. And I've no intention of using it as it was just a means to an end.

But if I just run live-CD-only-linux on line will there be any real security threat via the unprotected install?

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

why don't you just install a distro of linux on it and just use that? running by live cd is fine but it will run very very slow because it is only using the resources of the cd drive.

Try one of the live cds in it if it runs good and looks good then go ahead and install it you can always just wipe it off and do something else later. My main pc runs Mepis linux, that is what I am using right now.

You have very little to worry about running linux concerning infection.

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I will eventually. Had Mepis 8.5 on as dual boot and tried to remove it via the Mepis Manual instructions. A disaster. If I wrote it up you'd probly have a good laugh (me too now) but it's too long. :-)

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Is this old confuser a home build or factory? If a factory build then simply use the 25 digit key attached to the outside of the case. That is perfectly legal and you will get activation so you can update to SP3 and all the security updates.

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