mouse freezes

sugar_flJuly 15, 2011

I have windows 7 on my computer & I'm using Comodo Dragon browser.

The last few morning when I wake my computer the mouse freezes

& I just have to turn the computer off. I don't like doing that. What could be causing this & any idea how to stop it from freezing.

Thanks for any idea,


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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

usually that happens when the pc is being used by a lot of other programs and it has little resources available, since you said it happens at wake up that could well be the issue, everything is trying to get started at the same time and there could be conflicts also.

Is it a wired or wireless mouse? does it freeze at other random times? When it freezes could you do a control alt delete and bring up task manager and look at running processes and see how much cpu resources are being used, if you are seeing like 100% then you probably have the answer and you can look at the list to see what items are the ones using the most

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It is a glidepoint touch pad...wired.
I think the only time it has frozen so far is in the morning when I try to wake it. I do have several tabs open.
I will try bringing up the task manager & see what I can find out there.. I'm not sure if I can get it to open but will try.

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Dar look near the clock for a pennant style flag and hover over it. This is the Action Centre and will tell you if you have any problems, if you do then click on the flag to bring up the window. You can then follow along with what ever is written there.

Or you could try - click Start, Control panel, Hardware and Sound, Mouse and see what you can find in that window.

If all the above fail then re-install the software.

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