Avast Update Update

mxyplxJuly 26, 2014

Avast updated itself tuther day w/o installing Conduit. I was quite worried about that. Big relief. Moved me up a notch in my happiness cycle.

I was, however, offered Google toolbar.

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Which I hope you refused.

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Unistall avast is virus..with revo unistaller
Install only MalwareBytes Antimalware premium 2.0 finish.

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Avast is an anti virus
Malewarebytes is an anti maleware
There is a difference I have both but never premium only free versions of them as always. That is all that is needed for the home user. You must have both of which ever ones you choose, they do different jobs for you. Don't be fooled!

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Bad info...Avast is not a virus. Please don't post info like this.

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