downdraft slide-in range replacement

jrowSeptember 16, 2011

I am the very unhappy owner of a Jenn-Air dual fuel modular downdraft slide in range model # JDS9860BDW. The touch control panel needs to be replaced again and I do not want to invest any further in this poorly performing product. I am seeking an alternative. We cannot afford to do a kitchen remodel so I want to know if some other company - ANY other company - makes a 30 inch downdraft slide-in range.

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The short answer is no - at least not with a built-in downdraft. I believe Dacor makes a range and a separate pop-up downdraft that you can install behind the range. Most pop-up downdrafts only work with cooktops not ranges.

Even if you're not doing a full remodel, can you install an overhead hood? That would give you more flexibility in your range choice.

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No one makes one---for a reason. As you've discovered. You will either have to make some kitchen modifications or live with what you have and keep repairing it. You can put in a regular range and then put in overhead venting (your best choice) or you can do a cooktop with a downdraft vent and do a wall oven elsewhere. The latter would be much more expensive to reengineer after the fact.

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Fori is not pleased

Similar situation here (except the electric JA that came with my house works fine). Is there any reason one couldn't stuck a popup downdraft behind a slide in range? Yeah sure only Dacor says it's okay, but would Bad Things happen if one did it with a different brand?

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Thanks for the feedback. Decided to just fix the lousy appliance and live with it until we can do some kind of remodel. There is a window (that is never opened) above the stove, so to install a hood, we would have to remove the window and replace with a wall. No easy or affordable fixes at the moment. In the meantime, I am going to start on remodel plans so when this thing malfunctions again, we are ready to get going.

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Too bad the company can't make a piece of equipment that lasts a useful life!! I am also stuck with one. I don't mind the performance, it just does not hold up.
Any idea where the model number is on the range? I can't find it......

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To my knowledge (with the POSSIBLE exception of Dacor)
, there are no downdraft range hoods that are compatible with slide-in ranges. The reason is tht the bulk of the blower faces toward the range, so the downdraft would have to be too far from the range to do any good. I have had one or two customers install it anyway (far from the range)but your should be aware it does little good. Downdraft hoods are intended to be used with cooktops only.

May I suggest a standard slide in range with a chimney island/peninsula hood? Expensive, but it looks like all of your options are pricey.

(disclaimer: Sears associate :-)

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Stupid question, but is the blower location the only reason that downdrafts aren't listed as compatible with slide-in ranges? The blower is clearly a big deal in most cases, but I ask because I found a Jenn-Air downdraft hood (JXDR7301VS) that allows the blower to be mounted on the backside leaving a flush surface facing the range. This obviously will only fit if there is about 12" available behind the range.

If I have the space and can reverse mount the blower, are there any other problems that I could expect?

Here is a link that might be useful: JXDR7301VS

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Usually the problem is that there is no room. A range is usually 22-24" deep and the cabinet depth is the same. If you have 36" deep cabinets and the blower can fit in 12", then ok.

Some others remote-mount the blower for this reason.

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Ok so I think I'm hearing that's it's all logistics, not necessarily some other incompatibility. When we get in the house I'll do some measurements.

In case I don't have room, any advice on remote blowers?

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I have a first generation 30 inch Dacor slide in range down draft range. The oven no longer works so I must replace it. No one I know is happy with their downdrafts (Kitchen Aid, Jenn-Aire etc.). My problem is that there is no way I can put a hood above a new range as it is in a peninsula with the highest point of the kitchen's cathedral ceiling above it. The outside of the peninsula also defines the walk way into the kitchen. My question is this - since there is a down draft system in place under the dacor is there any way to reuse this system and install a 36 inch capital, blue star, DCS or wolf range there? The kitchen is quite large and has a ceiling fan, windows, and french doors. What
is the down side if I install a range without ventilation?

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You could put a cooktop there and put in a compatible popup downdraft, reusing the existing ducting. Or you could put in a Jennair range - they're somewhat better now than they used to be. The downside to putting in a range without any ventilation is grease, smoke, odors and heat all over your kitchen and possibly the rest of your house.

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Unfortunately, I can't do just a cook top because 1)There is no place to put a wall oven and 2) My cabinet doors are no longer manufactured.
Can anyone explain to me if a remote blower would work and how? I do not understand the mechanics of these things, but I do have ceiling a/c vents located about 6 feet away from the range in a playroom off the kitchen. The kitchen is all new construction (28 years ago) and the playroom is old construction with an attic above it. The L shaped peninsula divides the kitchen from the playroom. The range is not located facing the playroom, but rather on the other section of the L that is a "wall" (or divider). This divider demarcates the pathway both to the playroom and to the rest of the kitchen.
Any ideas on how I could vent a new range? I could place a cook top downdraft systemin terms of space behind my range where there is a downdraft cut out already. However from reading other posts, I am not sure if you experts out there think this could work. Please advise.

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Just to be clear, there are only 2 ranges that can work with downdrafts - Jennair with a built-in downdraft and Dacor which you currently have. For whatever reason, no other ranges are made that work with downdrafts, probably because there isn't much of a market for them. The other option is an island hood which in your case won't work because of your high ceilings.

Your only options are another Dacor range, a Jennair range, or forgo ventilation. Or you might consider relocating your range to a wall which would give you more ventilation options although this is a much bigger task. I have a friend in a similar situation and she reluctantly replaced her Jennair with another Jennair although this newer model works much better than her old one.

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Wow, I can't believe how many people aren't happy with their Jenn-Air downdrafts. Maybe we got lucky. We've had the model the original poster mentions for about nine years now and we've never had a problem with it. The convection oven is a bit loud, but that seems to be the case with all convection ovens that I've heard about.

I happened upon this post because we're going to be doing a bit of a kitchen facelift that involves replacing the upper cabinets and refacing the lowers so if we're going to switch to a different draft style, now's the time to do it. I actually prefer the downdraft because it sucks up smells before they have a chance to waft anywhere (although it does mess with the even-ness of the cooking because it "pulls" the flame toward the vent), but I worry about having such a limited option when it comes time to replace the range.

Interesting thoughts on this.

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I have a Jenn Air that is 27 years old and still works except the selecter switch is broken, they don't make the part any more and internet searches have not located one. I therefore need to replace the range but it is in a spot that needs a downdraft - cathedral ceiling and in middle of bar between kitchen and living room. I see slide in ranges on internet that say "downdraft", do they not work with that JennAir system?? I would get another one but many seem to be unhappy with that brand. Is ther really no choise??

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You have a better but more complicated and expensive option. You can go with an induction cooktop with one of several popups behind it and a wall oven just below the hob. Miele and others work fine this way. Induction doesn't create waste heat so your ventilation requirements are reduced oven a gas cooktop.

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^I've never tried doing that, but wouldn't the wall oven get in the way of the downdraft blower unit?

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I really have no room for wall oven so will have to stick with Jenn Air. Hopefully the downdraft system will fit. Have been looking at web sites but it seem most new come with convection ovens - I would much rather have conventional oven. Don't mind having convection if have option to turn off fan and use as a regular oven. Can that always be done or does it take a special duel configuration?? I obviously havenot shopped for a range for many years!

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All convection ovens that I'm aware of have the option to not use convection - I use it for almost everything except things that rise and need bottom heat - e.g. souffles and popovers. Try it - you'll like it!

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