coffered/tray ceilings and wall paneling

Jim8153August 7, 2014

Hello, I'm currently building a traditional Colonial in a fairly affluent area in the Boston Suburbs. Comparative sales are between 1.6-1.8 million for 3,000 sq ft homes. This is for my family but I want to maximize home values. I don't really have a preference either way.

What is your opinion on coffered and tray ceilings. Are these "expected" at this price point. Also what are your thoughts on wall paneling. I've noticed that most new homes in the area fake it with molding as opposed to real raised panels. Do buyers ever notice/appreciate the difference.

Finally which rooms would you coffer, tray or leave plain and which rooms would you panel?
thanks so much

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In my opinion, I think it's necessary at that price to have coffered ceilings and raised panel trim. I would put the coffered ceilings in the dining room and/or study (if you have that). I would do something special in the master bedroom ceiling as well. I would put raised panels in my dining room and study as well.

High crown and base moulding is necessary as well in that price point (in my opinion).

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We will be up in Holden in a few weeks to visit family, so let me just say how much we enjoy your state- the change of seasons, and the crisp blue autumn skies. Looking forward to being there.
To answer your question, I think it is reasonable at your price point to ask for tray or coffered ceilings, as long as you take into consideration the other elements of cost in the house.
We have tray ceilings in the Master, great room and dining room- and I wish I would have done a coffered ceiling in the kitchen. Trim details, in my opinion, add a lot of visual richness to a home. So, you are very right to think about them at this stage of the process.

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At $500-600 per sf, I'm guessing you are in one of the W towns? In which case you are still in the lower half of the market. So I don't think the ceilings are that important. Cathedral ceilings seem to be more popular at this lower price point. And molding up the ying yang.

If you were above 4,000 sf, so well into the $2 mil market, then I think the coffered and tray ceilings become more popular.

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We are putting tray ceilings in the formal living room and dining room, and the family room will have a cathedral ceiling. I will be paneling the foyer and up the wall alongside the stairs. My home is nowhere near the cost of the home you will be building so definitely add these decorative touches and MORE. Coffered ceilings are gorgeous, in the kitchen or family/great room would be a good choice. I would add wall paneling in the foyer, and dining area.

New builds without some of these touches end up looking very generic and uninteresting. Usually why you hear of many people that only want older homes because they think new builds lack "character."

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Thanks for all the great ideas!!!!!!

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