Worth waiting till black friday?

OKgrowinSeptember 21, 2013

I'm going to buy appliances soon from AJMadison or Hahn Appliance (local tulsa,ok). Will I get a substantial discount and/or a bigger selection of discounted quality items by waiting till black friday?

If it's worth it i'll just wait, if its only like 100$ then meh i'll just get em now.

Fridge sxs 1100-1400
gas range NXR 30in 2000
elec dryer + washer 1400-1700

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When will you be installing? That's the key question. Regardless of the sale price on Black Friday, I would be much more concerned that if you buy before you are ready to install, you will forego warranty time. The clock starts ticking on the warranty upon delivery, not installation. If you are not planning to install until, say, December, and you buy now, you will be using up 2-3 months warranty time while your appliances are sitting in their boxes.

Regarding pricing, my experience has been that if you shop and negotiate now, you will get as good a price as on Black Friday. On Black Friday itself it will be so busy that the salesperson will not need to negotiate with you nor have the time.

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Good point, akchicago. I had been wondering the same thing regarding the ticking clock on the warranty. We have a place to keep them, but ours won't get installed til spring. I was also wondering just how fabulous the Black Friday prices were, so would love some experience with that option vs just getting them when you are closer to needing them. I'm a lousy negotiator, though, which is why I just prefer to find decent prices to begin with.

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I'll second akchicago's points. Seems to me that you will be better served by deferring the purchases rather than just storing them while the warranty clock runs. Also, consider that many places will offer a package deal discount when you tell them you want to buy all of your appliances there and give them a list.

If you are not installing until spring, you might even wait for President's Day weekend, instead , for the fridge and washer and dryer. Prices can be very good then, as well.

Still, it is very hard to predict what will and will not get discounted for Black Friday or President's Day and how much the discount will be on any given product if it is discounted at that time.

Except for the NXR range yor are eyeing. NXRs don't seem to get discounted.. As far as I can tell, the 30" NXR is pretty much always priced at $1999 (delivered) all year round. Except at Costco. Last year, Costco did a brief $200-off promo price during midsummer right when I happened to need a stove. If you happened to look at Costco online a couple of weeks ago, you would have found them doing another brief $200-off sale. Unfortunately, you just missed that window. :>(

Can you get your NXR stove through Hahn Appliance? (Idle curiousity on my part.)

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Thanks, my appliances wouldn't be sitting in a box i would just be going without appliances for 2 months lol(would have to get fridge now).

No i cannot get the NXR from Hahn, Also there is no Costco in oklahoma, So i think i have to order it online or go to texas.

So sounds like i should be able to negotiate close to as good as a deal i will get on black Friday and get much better service since they won't be as busy.

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IMHO, Black Friday is a bit of a scam to get the crazies to line up overnight and create a buying frenzy. Only a few items (and limited quantities) are actually significantly discounted - they just want to get you in the stores so you'll buy, buy, buy. From what I read, you can actually get better deals on line the following Monday.

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And there is no guarantee that you'll get the model/style/color that you really want.

Don't wait.

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"No i cannot get the NXR from Hahn, Also there is no Costco in oklahoma, So i think i have to order it online or go to Texas."

Only Costco Online has the NXR ; the warehouse stores do not carry the stoves.

The big deal with buying from Costco is the iron-clad, no-questions, full refund, absolute satisfaction guarantee. That means you can return it you don't like it and get a full refund.(Just save the packing pallet, the wrapping plastic and etc.)

Non-members can buy from the online Cotsco site but there is a 5% non-member surcharge. This means you, as a non-member will be charged about $100 more for a 30" NXR range. (A Costco membership will cost you $55; ). But note that Costco does not collect sales taxes on orders shipped to states, like Oklahoma, where there are no Costco warehouse store.

If you want the optional stovetop center grate, the aftermarket price will be around $100 plus shipping (from a vendor other than Costco. (Costco does not carry them). If you buy the stove from the likes of AJ MAdison or Aus-Tex (rather closer to your home and also an NXR distributor), they include the center stovetop grate for $50. AusTex and AJ Madison might not charge you sales tax.

Might be harder to return the stove for a full refund if you don't like it, though. .

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Not familiar with your stove brand but I recently got a much better deal on a closeout Electrolux washer from Lowes/HD than anyplace else. As in several hundred lower. Lowes just happened to have it on closeout and it was worth paying the tax plus they have all sorts of promotion if you are moving (10% off, get the change of address mailer, register online plus if you have their CC, 5% off or no interest).

In our area there are all these local appliance places that undercut the big places and we are close to another state so the trick is to use a seller in the other state. No one could match the price, I called 5 places that came highly recommended. Plus we have a large family and so I needed the extended warranty because appliances just do not last with us (think how much more clothing is washed over 5 years for a family of 8 instead of a family of 4). The extended warranty is cheap at the big box places. Plus since we live within delivery distance of some of the big online advertisers similar to AJ M, places like HD and Lowes will match their prices for us (most of those places will only match an online price if there is a physical location within driving distance from you and their store.)

I would keep monitoring for sales and closeouts of the models you want. If you are not in a rush you might want to wait until you are within 30 days of BF or Cyber Mon, that way you can try to get a price adjustment (unless they exclude prior purchases). However, if you get what you think is a good deal now, I mighttake it. Plus BF just seems like such a hassle and mess. Possibly if you really do want to wait, go earlier that week and see what you can negotiate but who knows

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