How to Tell If Computer has Ethernet Card?

CassandraJuly 18, 2011

Hello all, I'm taking my laptop overseas for a conference and am told I need to have an ethernet card for internet hookup. I've tried in vain to discover whether I have one already installed on this computer. Can anyone tell me? Here are the specs:

HP Pavilion Entertainment series dv6500 running Vista

Bought in 2007

Under Device Manager/Network Adapters are two items:

broadcom 802.11b/g WLAN

NVIDIA nForce Networking Controller

Does any of this give the answer I need? I "think" there's an ethernet port but don't know for sure. And if there is an ethernet port, is there also an ethernet card?


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broadcom 802.11b/g WLAN Wireless Local Area Network.

Looks like you have one!!!!

NVIDIA nForce Networking Controller

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

if you will need to connect using Ethernet be sure you carry an Ethernet cable with you! As zep said they look similar to a phone cord but the end connector is bigger than for the phone.
I have several various length cables, before I had my wireless router I used a 50 ft Ethernet cable to use my netbook in my recliner. I pick them up a Fry's but any place with electronics has them.

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And don't spend more than about $5-$6 for a cable. Many walk-in stores will charge a ridiculous amount for cables. As you can see from the link below, you can get ethernet cables of up to 100' in this price range. For travel, you may want to pick one that is lighter weight: the thicker ones are sturdier, but may be a bit heavy if you get a really long one.

Here is a link that might be useful: Ethernet cable

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Thanks all. I'm happy to know I have ethernet! My school is actually lending me a cable so I'm all set there. Hoorah! P.S. Due to you who all are so kind to answer questions, I've found this a very helpful forum. Thanks!

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