Grout Problems! Please, advise!

elk2000October 18, 2012

Our tile installer put floor tiles and grout last week. The grout is Laticrete Permacolor Dusty Grey. The tile is dark grey and combination looked very nice when he was done and grout was still wet. 3 days later we noticed that few tiles had scratches so the installer came back and replaced those few tiles and grout. Another 2 days passed, and we noticed that about half of the grout turned white, or to be precise, it looks like white dust from tile replacement settled on the grout. I simply can't remove it, tried water, vinegar solution, nothing works.

It's really strange that grout hasn't dried enough in 3 days to absorb some dust. I guess installer should have cover all good tiles before removing bad ones.

I know Laticrete has grout colorants to restore original color, unfortunately Dusty Grey is new color and Laticrete doesn't have colorant in this color yet.

What to do? Should I call installer to remove grout and reapply? Are there any other solutions?

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I would definitely call the installer and have him make it right.

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You can certainly contact him now, and I advise you to do just that. But prior to treating the grout with anything give it about a week to dry out.

There can be residual moisture from the thinset still behind the tile. That can wick into the grout and cause blotchy grout.

The white dust could indeed be "tile dust". Or just a haze. Or efflorescence.

I'd also advise you to give Laticrete's tech department a call. They can offer you advise if it's haze from a sloppy water cleanup, of efflorescence. See what they have to say, that could give you some ammo when you talk to the tiler.

I recommend you read this.

Then call 1.800.243.4788 ext 235 if you have other questions.

Good luck!

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Thanks! The document is definitely helpful.
I know I can spend some extra bucks to get phosphoric or sulfamic acid and then may be also buy epoxy colorant, but then if it's installer's fault he should be fixing it without additional charge? Isn't it?

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