Would you put a towel holder here? Or leave it?

gale1965October 9, 2013

This is our new bathroom and this is to the right of the sink. It is a small sink. On the other side is the toilet and I do not want to put a towel above the toilet (I have other plans for that area, plus I don't want people to have to lean over the toilet). There will be a towel on the opposite wall, which is just 3' from the sink (bathroom is 5' wide). Would you put a towel ring here or leave it blank? It would have to be a ring because of the light switch being in the way and the towel would hang between the switch and the wall. I could hang it above the switch but I don't want anyone dripping on the switch, plus it seems awkward that high. thank you.

btw this is a modular so we didn't get to choose where the switches go. If we had, I would have at least asked them to put it closer to the edge of the wall.

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We have a ring in a similar location. We don't have a switch, but seeing your question made me recall my agonizing over whether it was mounted too high. I've never really thought about it since-- so many things are like that! I think it will be fine as long as you can reach it easily.

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Babka NorCal 9b

Put something you like to look at (art) on that wall. Just fold a nice washcloth in thirds and lay it next to the sink for washing hands. They are relatively cheap and you can change them out each day.


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I think I'd put a hook there instead of a ring. I have never had a ring but they just look cumbersome to me, trying to get the towel in and out. I think I would eventually twist the darn thing off :) Now a nice large towel or robe hook just might be the ticket.

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We have a similar setup and I put a towel ring on the wall so the towel falls just above the switch. It's a little on the high side but nice to have a towel so close to the sink. I don't recommend a hook - the towel would just fall off. Another option is a countertop towel ring that can be next to the sink against the back wall.

Here is a link that might be useful: example of countertop towel ring

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We have the same set-up in our guest bath. Drying at the opposite wall isn't the best solution. After 10 years, we finally installed an 8" wide hand towel bar 21" above the countertop. It's not too high, and it holds the towel away from the wall a few inches so we don't drip down the wall. Shop around as some holders extend out further than others.

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I have two bathrooms with towel rings in that location (and toilets to the left) and both have outlets in similar locations. I took a folded hand towel (to simulate looping over the ring) and hung it so the towel hangs just above (maybe .5-1") the countertop. I really like having the hand towel there. It means that no one is crossing the room with dripping hands or potentially dropping a towel in the toilet (if I hung it over the toilet instead). I don't think there's a right or wrong answer, it just depends on what looks and functions well for you.

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I prefer hooks to rings. But, besides the wall, have you considered mounting a small hook on the vanity itself?

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Here is ours. The vanity is only 19" deep and we were contending with not only light switches but also a plug. The plug rarely gets used so I positioned the towel ring so that the towel just comes over the switch plate. No issues and I really like the towel ring.

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I would put a towel ring there, or a very short towel bar. If the bathroom gets lots of traffic, I'd also add a folded towel on the counter, that you can change out every day.

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Thanks everyone. We held the towel up in various ways and the kids decided they liked a bar up above the switch. Since they'll be using this bathroom the most that's what we'll try.

In addition we'll have a large towel on the opposite wall. Seeing all the pictures and hearing about all the other methods helped a ton!!

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