non-standard alcove?

still_lynnskiOctober 28, 2013

We are starting to think about replacing our 2-piece fiberglass tub/shower surround with a better tub. Husband likes to take hot baths after rock-climbing, and we definitely need to keep the shower feature. I measured our existing tub, and it certainly confirmed my sense that this was one shallow tub! There is only 10.5" from the bottom of the tub to the overflow, so improving on that feature should be pretty easy.

However, the length of the alcove--from wall to wall--is only 58" and the alcove tubs all seem to be 60 inches. Is our alcove within the standard deviation, or are we going to have to find an unusually short replacement tub? One of the walls is an exterior wall, and the other houses the plumbing, so I don't imagine we'll make any adjustments to the size of the alcove. The current tub is 32" wide, with an extra 3.5 inches theoretically available for a wider tub. Any suggestions??

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60" is from stud to stud. The finished length of tub alcoves is frequently about 58 whether it's cement backer and tile or a fitted fiberglass surround. You should be okay

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Thanks, pal. This was originally built as a kit house, so I'd be surprised if it weren't the simplest and most common size; I was just surprised because 2" seems like a pretty significant difference!

The 58" is from sheetrock-finished wall to sheetrock-finished wall, measured outside of the tub, in front of the fiberglass surround. The fiberglass parts appear to be very thin, maybe half an inch (I didn't take the fiberglass into account in my measurements). So, would your explanation hold even in this scenario?

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If there is sheetrock behind the surround (sometimes there is, sometimes there isn't) that accounts for 1-1/2" inches (3/4" drywall on each side). At any rate, 60" is a nominal measurement --a 60" tub is made for a 60" space and the real measurement is slightly under, by varying degrees.

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Thanks for clearing that up!

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