No updates listed in Add/Remove ?

carolssisJuly 2, 2011

After re-install of my O.S. I did the update from Microsoft. When I checked the Add/remove list, they were not listed, as they always were before. I looked in "C" drive and found them all listed in the Windows folder. Is this a new thing or has something gone wrong?

HP pavilion 750n, XP w/ sp3 TIA

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If you look at the very top of Add/Remove programs in Control Panel you will see "Show updates". Is that checked? I believe that is what will allow the MS updates to be listed.

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Apart from what Grandms writes once you had SP3 installed there are over 100 more updates to install. Have you gone to the MS site for those?

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The microsoft update site had 78 update, 7 software updates, and 6 hardware updates. Oddly, the final count was 101 updates. So they are all there. I'll check my programs list, see if I had not checked to show updates. Thanks!

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