Need help w/ Miele oven choices - speed and steam

Dana2777September 20, 2013

Hi -
I am in the middle of a kitchen remodel and am stuck on which wall ovens to install:

1. Initial plan was to do a Miele 30" wall oven with a microwave drawer underneath

and then I started reading this wonderful forum and discovered steam and speed ovens, so the new plan became:

2. Miele 24" speed oven with 30" wall oven
3. Miele 24" speed oven with Miele 24" combi steam oven

-My cabinet choices are completed - I have room for a 30" oven if needed. Not worried about the lost space putting a 24" oven in a 30" cabinet box as I have plenty of counter area. Wiring is already completed so I can put any other above combinations in easily. Not planning on selling anytime soon (but if I did, someone else could easily put in a 30" oven in the current set up)

-I am single, enjoy cooking and looking forward to cooking more - but don't really make a lot of "big" dishes - maybe a lasagna or casserole every now and then. I also love seafood/vegetables which is why the steam oven was so appealing

-Don't have room for a microwave anywhere else and didn't want one on the counter - also don't want to give up the microwave function of a quick reheat which is why I liked the speed oven

-Last consideration - felt like the 24" ovens would heat up quicker and use less energy - I am trying to be as green as possible...trying, trying, trying.

So final questions:
-Is installing both the 24" speed and combi steam ovens just silly? Does anyone have both AND use both?

-Anyone regret not having a 30" oven who installed a 24" (wish they made a 30" combi steam....)

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Doesn't the steam oven need plumbing? My Gaggenau combi steam needs both water inlet with a shutoff valve and a drain. If you can easily add that if Miele needs, highly recommend a steam oven. Opens up your cooking repetoire vastly. From a configuration perspective, I have a 24in combi steam above a 27in convection. I used the 3 inches for some small shelves on counter side.. Looks good and very useful.

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the miele convection steam does not need plumbing nor a drain. It has a reservoir that needs to be filled/emptied. The control panel flips up to reveal the reservoir

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I am going with the Miele Speed oven 24". Will tell you how it works when it's installed, up and running. I liked that I can broil, bake and microwave in one unit. I like the idea of a steam oven and if you have the space go for it - everyone really seems to love them.

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Thanks for the info -

Does anyone have both a speed and steam miele oven?

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Hi Dana,

Just wondering what you went with. Did you end up with both 24" steam and speed? If you did, do you wish you had gone for a bigger oven like the 27" or 30"? Thanks

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If you wait a month we'll be able to tell you since we just had the same decision to make.

We went for the combi-steam oven over a 30" convection oven. Cabinets aren't in yet so obviously, no oven at the moment.

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I'm interested in this also. Current plan is for a Miele 36" Induction cooktop with Miele Steam-combi and 30" convection oven. Still going back and forth on whether to get a speed oven instead of the convection oven. Worried that it won't be big enough for large items over the holidays. Don't use the microwave much, so thinking I can hide one somewhere if I go with the convection.

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This is why we decided to go ahead and do a convection oven below the combi-steam oven. It's sort of hard to add one at a later date if we realize that we need it.

We were going to put our countertop microwave in the pantry but decided to go ahead and get a microwave drawer since there was space for it. It's a bit far from the other appliances so we won't run into the different colored stainless issues people ask questions about.

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We have the gaggenau convection oven and combi steam, both 30". I also bought the smallest microwave I could find and put it on a shelf out of view. After a few months I gave the microwave to my mother. Honestly, once you have reheated leftovers in the steam oven, you will never microwave again. It takes a few minutes longer, but everything tastes like freshly cooked.

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