durock was wet when purchased now looks funny

jjaazzyOctober 27, 2009

So I wanted to run this question by the group before I start using these boards. We purchased 3 x 5 sheets of durock from Lowes and it was wet. I guess they were storing it outside and we had a pretty wet summer. So I put it in the garage and let it dry out. Now the durock has a white haze all around the edges. I assume that is just the lyme in the portland cement. But thats just a guess. I don't see a problem with using it but want to ask first before I put it up. I am planing on using Kerdi over top.

Also I am going to replace the pink insulation in the walls with new or maybe I will just add to it but I know I need to break that paper cover so I don't produce a vapor barrier. How much should I cut up that paper or should I try and remove the paper? What are your thoughts on doubling it up? TIA

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The Durock should be fine. You might take a sponge to it and remove whatever's loose, just in case, but that's about all I'd do.

As for the paper facing on the insulation, what about getting unfaced insulation? Otherwise, it's just a matter of slicing it however much your agression lets you! (seriously a slice every few inches will suffice)

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Thanks Bill for the speedy reply, I shall carry on, and your right, I looked for the paperless but they didn't stock it. Oh well.....

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Yeah, might be a little efflorescence on the durock.

Just to confirm, you're going to slash the existing vapor barrier and install new faced insulation over it? If so, that's fine.

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Thanks Mongoct, well the insulation that was there was so dusty dirty from all the demo that I just pulled down the paper part of it and threw it away. Leaving the bulk of the pink insulation behind. I will fill in the empty areas with the new and I will probably have lots left over, so is it ok to just put more insulation over top and then just cut slits in the surface brown paper?
Then the durock will go up.
Then work on the shower floor
I have a stack of 2% styrofoam slope stuff that I have to figure out how to put in (weird shape shower) Drain is at the entry way of shower.
Then I have the blue stuff for the shower floor membrane (noble)
I am planning to run the product up higher then the recommended 4" I hope I have enough it is going to be very tricky figuring out this end of the project. Any comments/suggestions gladly welcome. I really have to figure out how to post photos it would make things so much easier. TIA

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Are you going to have any vapor barrier at all between the durock and the insulation?

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Cool thanks I will try to do photos then next week.
Well It was my understanding that I should
1. Put pink insulation up but cut up paper backing.
2. Put the 1/2" durock up on the studs
3. Then do the kerdi
and not put in a vapor barrier (plastic sheets) cause I would cause a vapor sandwich. : (
Is that right? I am so afraid to make a mistake here. I know every install has it particulars. 2 of the shower walls are exterior walls of the house with plywood then stucco on the exterior.
Oh and while we are at it how do I address the seams? With mesh tape and what ?
Thanks for your attention to my project I always feel I am on the brink of disaster.

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My bad. I missed the Kerdi reference in the original post. So you are correct, the Kerdi will be the vapor barrier, no additional barrier is required. So slash away!

You don't need to mesh tape the durock joints. Kerdi to the rescue again, Kerdi will span the joints for you.

So yes, insulate, then durock, then kerdi, then tile.

I did an old Kerdi shower thread a few years ago. Lots o' photos.


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Great thanks Mongo, and that is a great post. I will definitely be pulling it up as I get closer. Thanks again for all your time.

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