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jerry_njJuly 21, 2011

My wife was a "charter member" of the AT&T Worldnet ISP service and we used it until about a year ago when AT&T decided to get out of the ISP business, shut down Worldnet, and gave its email accounts to Yahoo. Up to that my wife and I used the Worldnet Personal Web page service, and used Microsoft FrontPage to create the content and structure of our web sites, Worldnet supported uploading from FrontPage.

We are now on Century Link (Telephone company) and while it does provide a personal web page service it is limited to 20 megabytes (we'd like at least twice that much) and I have not figured out if it will support FrontPage (I have not yet contacted CenturyLink)... my question here (welcome any input on CenturyLink too) is: are there any free services offered to host a personal web page... something like FaceBook, maybe, but supporting uploads of web page content and provision of a personal http?

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How many email addresses does Century Link allow? I ask because my provider allows me 5 and each can have a web page. If you exceed 20megs (that is a big site?) then you simply create additional pages using a second email address and link to those in the same way you link other pages on the site.

I think most of the free hosting services have now vanished. With those if any are left you have to contend with advertising on your site.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

the one I have used for many years is tripod and it is very easy to use and set up. Bravenet is also a good choice. Using the provided ones from your ISP do end up being lost when you change providers which is why I changed to those 2 free sites.

Tripod - succeed online

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Free and no advertising on either of these:


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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

a few things you want to check when looking at the free hosting sites, check their dedicated forums see if there are good topics and recent topics also check some of the websites those people have built using the hosting company. Look for the very annoying toolbars some put at the bottom of your website that are linked to things like facebook, twitter etc, they are worse than ads in my book. I know that x10hosting does use those you can check their forum and view some of their sites and you will see what I mean.
I do not mind a plain old ad banner all those jumping and annoying things I really hate.
you can find out a lot just by doing some reading in the various forums dedicated to each hosting company.

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Top 20 free web hosting sites. (per user reviews)
Top 20

The Home page:

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I don't know what your wife is doing with her "site" but you can get domain hosting from GoDaddy for $5 per month (less if you pay for a year in advance). Domain registration is about $10 (look for a coupon code). As I recall you get 100 megs. of storage, unlimited bandwidth, and, maybe 100 email addresses. It's really not a bad deal. No free, but you get complete control (unlike some "free" hosting services that want to fill you pages with advertising).

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