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lillethSeptember 7, 2013

I posted this at bottom of an old white induction thread but got no reply so am trying again. Whirpool has a new double oven induction range out. Today I chatted with a service rep and below is what she reports. Maybe if enough of us write in with our preferences, eventually we'll get that white range. They also have a single oven version with a warming drawer. Both have a feature called "accubake." Here's the single oven:[WFI910H0AS]-1020897/WFI910H0AS/
Here's the help link where you can register your preferences by chat or online or by phone:

Mallory W.: The induction range with two ovens is a brand new product Whirlpool is releasing. Once released and sold, Whirlpool will evaluate whether or not the range will be offered in other colors in the future. Based off previous performance with induction products, this is very likely. However, we are not able to guarantee this or advise when other colors would be available. I will certainly document your concerns with wanting this option.

Here is a link that might be useful: Whirlpool double oven induction range stainless

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No ideas about colors.

There was another post about the Whirlpool Induction ranges though.

First the Kitchenaid induction cooktops (A Whirlpool appliance), made a clicking sound when set to low temps and this was annoying to some folks and folks wanted to know if the Whirlpool Induction range did the same thing, (something you should probably check out for yourself).

I believe it was some of the Whirlpool made ovens that had a "new Cleaning Technology", and according to most posters here, It was "Totally useless" and just "FLAT did not work!
One should be sure that this "New cleaning technology" did not find its way into the new Whirlpool Induction Ranges.

I do hope it all works out for you, as we have our induction cooktop for 5 years or so now, and absolutely love it~~~even at our ages, (70's), we will never go back to any other type of cook top!


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I went to my local appliance store this morning and they told me that Maytag has an induction range with double oven. I haven't been able to find much info on this one. I was told that every manufacter will be coming out with double oven induction ranges. They also had a working Kitchenaid induction cooktop that I played around with. It wasn't noisy, just a little humming. Next time I will bring in my cookware and see if there is a lot of noise.

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I think the cleaning technology that was problematic was called Aqua Lift.

parts - When you ran the KA induction cooktop on 5 or lower, it didn't click as the magnets went on and off? Mine goes click-buzz -pause, click-buzz - pause. On level 1 it does this slowly. The frequency increases as the level goes up, until by level 6 or 7 it just buzzes, softly but continuously. I wonder if they changed that on/off magnet thing already. Listen closely, it may be noisy in the store. When my house is quiet, I can hear it in the next room. (Which actually has been useful when I've forgotten I had something on the stove!)

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Ginny - I didn't here the clicking sound when the cooktop was on 5 or lower, but like you said, there were other store noises going on. When I take my cookware in and try them on the cooktop I will listen very carefully. The owner of the shop, who has been in the business for a very long time and has been selling inductions before 1980, claims that all induction burners are made identical and there is no difference between brands. The difference is in the cookware. Maybe he will have to prove that to me.

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The shop owner, I'm afraid, doesn't know what he's talking about. The clicking is associated with increased heat. Not only does the cookware buzz softly after the click, but whatever I'm cooking sizzles louder, then softer after the buzzing stops. When I complained about it here, kaseki posited that KA used "low cost mechanical relay" instead of solid state to modulate the heat. Hence, the magnets turn on and off, and the pot gets hotter and cooler. It cooks just fine for my purposes, but it definitely isn't built the same way as all other induction units. Ask the shop owner about this and tell me if his eyes glaze over. Of course, it's possible KA changed this after we all started calling customer service.

This is a link to my original complaint, when I was in shock after I'd used it in the morning stillness for the very first time, and you can see kaseki's explanation. The noise doesn't bother me much anymore, to be honest. I guess you can adapt to anything. Or maybe I'm losing my hearing from accompanying underage DD to rock concerts ;-)

Here is a link that might be useful: Noisy KA induction

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