Anyone using the system "Ooma"

big_al_41July 3, 2014

I didn't want to high jack the prior request about bundles etc .. I am interested in hearing from anyone here who has a Ooma system if they could respond with their experience with this phone system .. do you like it ??? etc.

whats good .. or bad ?

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I've had an Ooma box for awhile. I think it's quite good - the sound quality is better than was my ATT (formerly Pac Bell) landline. Using it or other VOiP systems, like Vonage, offers some features and functionalities you don't have with a plain phone.

My only concern is that it's a long running Silicon Valley startup, neither succeeding nor failing but just staying above water. How long will it continue to exist, will it be acquired and have the service continue or will it dissolve when it runs out of money? I think the risk is low, if it dies I'd just move my number (again) to Vonage and carry on.

Edit to add PS:

There are many ways to get free (or unlimited) US calling, but that's what's included with Ooma. I think the fine print says that they expect no one to exceed 5000 minutes per month on a residential connection but that they've never cut anyone off.

I have unlimited calling with my cell phone too. Not that it's needed, but the standard smartphone packages seem to come with it.

My monthly Ooma charge is about $4, it's just for the various communication taxes. For me, my investment to buy the box was recouped in like 4 months, I've been money ahead ever since.

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Thanks Snidely.. my only other concern is that I have dsl with at & t and they may give me stones about dumping the phone part and just keeping the dsl . PLUS ..if all that isn't enough I am on their U-verse system. I would love to dump at & t ..just don't know if the grind will be worth it .

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Maybe so, big al, I think there was a time that ATT wouldn't offer DSL to those without landlines. That's a foolish policy, they close the door in their own faces by giving up those customers' internet business.

It may have changed, call them and ask if you can keep DSL but discontinue the phone service. You need no further cooperation from ATT if you decide to get phone service from another source - providers like Ooma or Vonage handle the switching of your phone number (if you choose to do that) directly.

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thanks Snidely

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