Removing shower doors

blesspatOctober 25, 2008

My guest bath tub/surround is a one-piece fiberglass unit. Shower doors (on a track) are installed, attached to the unit. I am thinking I want to remove the doors. Is that a good idea or no? Are these door units usually glued? I know there will be some screw holes along the sides of the surround, are these disguisable/patchable. Should I learn to live with the doors? (I have them covered up now with a shower curtin, so am already using the "disguise the doors? approach!!!)

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Removing the doors should not be a problem, just take your time. When installed they might have used a double sided sealing tape or silicone sealer. Gently pry one of the side rails at the top, and with a utility knife, slice downward and release the grip of the seal. Remove any glues with thinner or acetone, they won't harm the finish on the surround. There are many types of push in plastic plugs that would neatly fill the holes. You may have to enlarge the holes to get these to fit, but they would push in almost flush and be very clean looking.

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Wow! Exactly the topic I searched. Did not want them 5 years ago but DH insisted, and of course now, they look terrible. Thank you for the tutorial! Windyoaks, have you tried it yet?

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Hoping to bump this up. Have any of you removed the sliding shower doors and replaced with a shower curtain?

We have a large shower insert (no tub). Any suggestions appreciated.

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Bumping again - Anyone?

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I removed the shower door from a fiberglass unit in our guest bath. It came out very easily. We pretty much did what cloudcrasher recommended. We had the unit resurfaced which included filling the holes where the screws had been. I got a shower curtain (onsale) from Restoration Hardware and it looks sooo much better.

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My son, who was in 8th grade at the time but a very big boy, helped me one day remove our crusty shower doors from our fiberglass unit.

Just me (Mom) and son, some screw drivers, a utility knife with new blade to score the area where track meets fiberglass, a little metal putty knife I used to pry the track a bit, and a tube of silicone to fill in and seal the small holes left behind by the screws.

After living with two bathrooms, both with shower doors on tracks for over 15 years, and now not having the doors but being able to change out the shower curtain on a whim, I'll never go back to shower doors on a track again, ever.

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Nancyr and amity - Thanks so much for your input. I finally broached the subject with DH yesterday. We have a fiberglas/plastic type shower surround with seats (no tub). Somewhere I thought I saw a thread about heavier shower curtains with weights to keep from billowing out. Any comments? I may need to compromise on the curtain ;-)
DH just said that if I do it he wants a "pretty" curtain.

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I DID IT!! Got nearly all of the glue off of the bottom; am about at the end of that chore. Found a heavy duty vinyl liner at WM and a perfect cotton curtain at BBB. I do have to put a bit of double sided velcro one one end where the shower tends to spray a little out. But what a difference in our tiny bathroom. Never again will I have sliding doors.

Wouldn't have attempted this without encouragement. Thanks so much.

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wantoretire--Congratulations! Any chance you had to deal with silicon caulk? I am trying to remove a metal surround on my tub area and can't make a dent in the darned stuff. I put the hair dryer on a spot but it only softened a little. Any ideas?

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