looking for counterdepth not french door/sxs

akl_vdbSeptember 15, 2012

I'm looking for a counter depth fridge with either internal or external water, but wondering if there is one available that isn't french doors or a side by side, but with the one big door on top. I thought Kitchen aid had one, but I cannot find it, I saw it on clearance, so maybe an old model.

Thank you.

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Fisher and Paykel makes a CD, bottom freezer unit with external water. I'll link to the various models on ajmadison. Heartland is the only brand with internal water with those specs.

I was also hoping for a CD, bottom freezer unit with internal water. I ended up going with a built-in KA scored on an ebay deal and an inline water filter on the cold water line under my cleanup sink. Granted, my water isn't chilled, but it tastes great, doesn't require an extra faucet, and the filter was cheap. Plus, one less gizmo to break on the fridge.

Here is a link that might be useful: F&P fridges on ajmadison

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Thank you for the link. Don't know if I love them, or will have to compromise with french doors (just hear about how things are always on the other side, and i"m disorganized enough as it is without having to add something new!)

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One true counter depth refrigerator without FD or SxS in a 36" is the Liebherr CS2060. Liebherr has very nice 30" CD columns too.

Width : 35 7/8"
Depth : 24 1/4"
Depth without Handles : 24 7/32"
Depth with Door at 90 : 58 5/8"
Height : 79 13/16

This model has an ice maker, but no water nor ice dispenser. Great lighting I read.

Liebherr refrigerators variable reviews which is too bad as they serve the upper mid range nicely. They are produced in Canada I believe and for New Yorkers, Liebherr has been known to cross the border to attend to problems as they try to grow what appears a promising line.

Interesting warranty-perhaps to shore up its weakness while increase its market: http://www.liebherr.us/HGH/en-GB/118509.wfw

Built-in refrigerators like SubZero and GE Monogram will slightly stick out. Subzero 700 series offers a true flush-style refrigerator.

I've provided a short, readable review on this matter below. I dislike my SxS KA in door ice dispenser refrigerator depth too, which sticks out 3 inches beyond the counter depth of 24" (wall), not recessing the full 24" due to the top plastic covered and prominent hinges. I can't shim off the upper cabinet bottom without it being a pain. Too bad, as it's a nice working refrigerator.

Good luck.

Here is a link that might be useful: Link

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Thank you very much. I do like, and I live in Canada. I'm guessing a bit out of my price range (did see some at the appliance store) May have to take another look at the F & P. Who would've thought appliance shopping would be so hard? ;)

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Liebherr is actually German-made. And because they're new in the US and trying to be competitive, their prices are quite reasonable. We just bought a 48" for much less than a Sub Zero.

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You're right Sweetmelba. Their NA refrigerators are made by Liebherr-Hausgeraete Lienz GmbH of Austria and imported by Liebherr-Canada. Liebherr is still recovering from their loose door handle issues of 2011 (recalls) too.

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DO NOT BUY LIEBHERR - had a problem with the ice maker ever since I bought it. Terrible service. Kept sending me replacement parts. Broke only after 3 months and continued with ice maker problems. and have been without an ice maker ever since. It's been about 5 years now. I will NEVER buy or recommend Liebherr. Am happy with my Gaggenau ovens (especially the combi-steam) and the Blue Star range. Don't mind spending the $ but not for a lemon and indifferent service. DO NOT BUY A LIEBHERR refrigerator - at least not one with an ice maker!

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