Gasoline Smell in Washer Help!!

traceysJuly 18, 2009

My front loading washer stinks because my husband washed a pair of shorts with gas on them. I don't know why he didn't just throw them out. I've run many empty loads with different things including Dawn dishwashing detergent, oxyclean, Tide washing machine cleaner and nothing has helped.

I put a small load of cheap towels in to see if they would smell or if it was just on the outside gasket where I was smelling this. Well they smell.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

I had to take all of my laundry from vacation to my moms yesterday. What a pain. I am so mad right now I could scream.



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If you have a plastic tub, you'll probably have to replace it. You might try one of those Orange Cleaner/degreasers, I think they may have something for the laundry.

Good luck

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It wouldn't hurt to ask on the laundry forum too (link below). I hope you won't have to resort to replacing the tub.

At this point I'll bet your husband also wishes he'd thrown those shorts away, but, as they say, hind-sight is 20-20.

Here is a link that might be useful: Laundry Room forum

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You know, I did a search and found a short discussion of the same problem on that Laundry Room forum (Jessy was part of it).

I'll put a link below, and there are several ideas to try, including an orange-based cleaning product:

Here is a link that might be useful: gasoline discussion

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Thanks momj47 and petaloid.

I did a search on the laundry forum but didn't come up with that discussion. I didn't post because those people scare me.

I was at Lowes yesterday and picked up some Simple Green and another degreaser that I can't remember. I did a cycle with the Simple Green which seems to have helped. I rewashed the towels with my detergent and Oxyclean then dried them. They don't seem to smell. The rubber gasket still does. I'll try something on that today. What a PITA!

I think if I had to replace the tub I'd end up getting a new washer. I can't get anyone to come out here to fix things.

Thanks Again

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Tracey, Sorry you are having to deal with this problem. I learned something from this thread. I wouldn't have thought twice about putting clothes in the wash that had gasoline on them.

There are a few more suggestions here.

Removing Gas smell from Washer

More Suggestions

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Thanks Ann. I'm still working on it. I'm about to try the degreaser on the gasket. I think that's where most of the smell is coming from now. I guess it's true that we learn something new every day.

Well at least he didn't put them in the dryer. That would have been a fire hazard.


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I was holding off, to see what others would post...FWIW, in the future, if anyone is 'fraid to, I would be more than happy to post questions on behalf of anyone on the LF. Just don't ask them to argue about front versus top loaders, or ask what 'the best machine' is - they prefer people do a little research first like petloid did for you. They are helpful with specific questions like Tracey's.

I googled 'Charlie's Soap' (a LR favorite detergent) and 'gasoline' and came up with a thread that even suggested coca cola. Why not, we've seen what that stuff does to bones and teeth.

Here is a link that might be useful: Gasoline thread

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Hmmm....I had a really scary gasoline accident a few years back. The pump malfunctioned and I was drenched in gasoline, sox, shoes, jeans, shirt all but my hair. I was a walking fire hazard and scared to death. I begged the gal behind the counter to get some clean clothes out of my suitcase in the trunk ( thankfully I was travelling at the time) and changed clothes in the rest room, rinsed out what I had on in the sink with a little hand soap, wrung them out and dumped them in the trunk and drove the 150 miles home...opening the window frequently to get rid of the stink.
When I got home, I put my clothes on the deck to dry and evaporate any gas and then dumped them into the washer. Smell all gone....from the clothes, washer and from the car too.
I think you need tow ash in something besides that "All-free"...I used that for a while and had trouble with lingering odors. Get some good old Tide or Whisk to get rid of the gasoline odor....then rinse in baking soda to get rid of anything in the tide that might make you itch.
Linda C

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amanda always washes David's oil/grease and gasoline soaked clothes (add some brake fluid, hydrolic oil and maybe a bit of antifreeze, LOL).

she swears that if she sprays the tub of the washer with WD40, then wipes it, and runs it through a hot rinse cycle, it takes off all the residue. she also dumps a cup of baking soda in the wash with those clothes.


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"I didn't post because those people scare me." LOL LOL LOL.

Me, too!

I don't have any advice, but my car smells like a skunk. There was a dead one on the road and I ran over it -- not directly over it but so it went between my tires. The stink is going away , but PU!

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I don't get into much gasoline but plenty of other petro-chemicals at work. A few years back I came home from work everyday soaked in oil and other stinky chemicals. I found a cup of ammonia added to my washer took the oil and the smell out. Just don't mix it with bleach or you will have deadly clorine gas. Work clothes always get run twice these days... my cats think they must whiz on my dirty uniforms for some reason... ammonia also takes that awful smell out. Ammonia softens the water allowing the soap to work better.

Don't know if that would work for you but ammonia is cheap... about $1 for a half gallon. I'd certainly give it a try before buying a new machine.

: )

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"I didn't post because those people scare me." LOL LOL LOL.

Me, too!

Me three!

I certainly learned something too. I would not have hesitated to toss them in the wash and let 'er rip. I guess if I ever have any tough laundry situations liek that I will check with you guys (or ask Jessy to post) first before I make a bad situation worse.

Thanks for the very informative thread!


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I'm glad I'm not the only one afraid of the laundry forum.

Thanks Jessy. I probably spelled gasoline wrong when I did my search.

Here's the update. The gasket still smells but my clothes don't. I'm ok with that. Hopefully it will go away soon.

Thanks for all of the advice. I hope I don't have to use the other suggestions.


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Thanks for your post Tracey - I can see myself doing that. Now I'll know better.

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