AEG microwave and grill combo oven problem

babyfish00September 16, 2013

Hi all,

I have imported a AEG MCC3881E-M microwave and grill oven to Canada, the unit is stunning. It is rated as 220-240V-50Hz-3400W and is hard wired to the power. Problem is the grill and bake functions are working (food heat up) but not the microwave function. When using the microwave function, the interior light, fan and turntable is working, just the food isn't heat up at all.

My question is will this because the unit is defective or my electrician forgot something in the wiring? Any thought? Thanks!

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That's European, right? Their appliances use 60 cycles, not the North American 50 cycles. Likely either the control circuit or magnatron for the MW is sensitive to the difference and will not work at all, and any timers or other controls that are working will not be accurate. IS the unit CSA approved? If not, you're running a big risk putting it into your home. If you have a fire caused by it, it's likely that your insurance company would deny the claim.

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That's right, the unit is from Europe, but it is rated as 50Hz at the back of the unit while we have 60Hz in Canada. I'm aware of the CSA and the insurance issues too and am going to get the CSA approval on this particular one installed at my home. but first, I have to make sure the unit is working and worth my time and effort to get it certified.

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