Who Make Bosch?

beth4September 6, 2007

I was told yesterday that Miele makes Bosch (at least, their dish washers). This was a huge surprise to me. Is that accurate? If it is, has it been a recent merger?


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As far as I know. Miele makes Miele, Bosch makes Bosch Gaggenau,and thermador(not sure about that)

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More than you'd ever want to know about BSH Bosch und Siemens Hausgeräte GmbH [pdf]...

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Bosch doesn't have anything in common with Miele besides the fact that they are both German appliance manufacturers. Bosch does have plants in the U.S. and they make washers, dryers, ranges and dishwashers.
Some Kenmore appliances, including dishwashers, are also made by Bosch.

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Thank you all. You have confirmed what I always thought.

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When I called Bosch a few weeks ago about something, I was told they are their own Manufacturer and don't use anyone else's parts. Hopefully, that is fact.

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I also heard that Bosch is the maker of Bosch, Thermador (US) and Gaggenau (Europe).

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tobo - Bosch, more specifically BSH, owns Gaggenau and Thermador. They maintain seperate mgmt., and manufacturing for the most part. Exceptions are the new Built-In ref. for the American market and the Dishwashers which are made in NC.

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All I know is, after 18 months of owning a Bosch dishwasher, I finally learned how to pronounce it ("bosh"). Don't laugh--I thought it was "boshk" for some reason that makes no sense to me now.

That little plastic doohicky on the top somehow bent/dropped down a bit, and now it catches on the top rack so that it won't open! Figures! After the one year warranty. Wondering what they will now charge me for parts and labor...

OT: how do you pronounce Aga?


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just have to say first off i'm new to the forum(although long time lurker) so hi.

I wanted to take advantage of the topic to ask if anybody has had any experience with the Bosch Evolution series fridges? I bought one on impulse this week-end because it was on sale at Sears ($1699 instead of $1999). I had seen it in person at a local family owned dealer and had liked it alot but thought the price was steap for the size. It's not too late to cancel the order though so I'm asking, is it any good? I haven't seen many posts on Bosch fridges here part from one if memory serves me right(and it made me think twice about what I had done since the person had temp problems)
If anyone can give me feedback it'd be great. thx

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