Copper downspouts only on the front of the house?

threeapplesAugust 17, 2012

It will be $5,000 to do copper downspouts, without leader boxes, on the entire house. I think this is too expensive, all things considered with our project, and am wondering what it would look like with copper only on the front. How would I choose a color for the downspouts everywhere else? Would it be odd looking to see the downspout on the side of the house and front at the same time and notice they are different?

Thanks, everyone!

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Have you looked into copper plated? We did copper plated gutters (has been around since the 50s)and solid copper downspouts. We would have done the copper plated downspouts as well but they didn't have round ones - only the standard crimped looking ones. The copper plated ones are similar to these copper plus ones, but we do have half round gutters (I don't see them pictured):

All said, our copper gutters cost twice your quote so that sounds like a bargain! In fact, I think it was around 3k for just standard half round gutters with round downspouts. . .

I actually prefer it without leader boxes, except where necessary (we have a couple but they are to catch gutters from above or drainage from where a roof meets, etc.). In other words, they are not decorative but functional as well.

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This quote was only for copper downspouts, square crimped, I think. I'll ask my builder about played. Are the crimped hideous in copper?

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I prefer half round gutters with round downspouts. I don't know that I would pay extra for copper and do the crimped gutters (I am sure they have a name). With a dark brick I think a bronze half round gutter with round downspouts would be fine.

Here is our friends porch entrance. The roof is real copper and so are the downspouts, and the half round gutters are plated copper. They all look the same. The gutters are very splotchy right now from handprints from installation but they will age fairly quickly to a more uniform color, or so I am told. . .

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that's beautiful, athensmom! i'm checking to see what our shape options are.

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The following link has half round gutters in tons of aluminum colors including a dark bronze and a terratone bronze. I would prefer those over crimped downspouts and standard style gutters for sure, even if the other are copper. One of the books I have on houses says you should always use round downspouts and half round gutters to be architecturally correct (Getting your House Right, maybe?). On your house, which is a "new old house" I would definitely not use the manufactured modern gutters.

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We have to use k-style gutters because of the leaf guard we are using, according to my builder. I am not sure if we can use rectangular downspouts without the ugly crimping, or if they all have the crimping. The gutters will be white no matter what because our dentil is white and I want it to blend in. But, now I need to find out about the downspout options and take it from there.
I love the Get Your House Right book!
I'm bummed that we have to use some of this hideous modern stuff because of cost.

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You can get gutter guards of various types for half round gutters - just FYI. K style gutters are the standard ones that are on almost every house and might be the ones your builder is most familiar with, but the builder we used does mostly (if not all) half round gutters and there are lots of leaf guard options.

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I just saw that you are switching gutter colors. Not sure I have ever seen that done around here. I thought the gutter was an extension of the roof not the trim - so gutters usually coordinate with the roof. Is that not how it is done in your part of the country? Just curious!

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