Two wall shower/tub combo PROBLEM

lisadluOctober 1, 2013

We bought a house that has a tub/shower combo that only has two hard walls. It is enclosed with cheap glass doors on the two open sides. We are going to remodel and really want to get rid of the tub and make it a shower only but think we might move within five years (there are no other tubs in the house). Two questions: Would you buy a house with no tub? If we keep the tub/shower combo what would be the best looking way to enclose it? Use an L-shaped shower curtain, glass enclosure all the way around, or just a single piece of glass on the front side and hope people don't splash around too much? I really don't want to "close" in the bathroom any more than necessary and was thinking just a single piece of glass if we keep the tub. It is a guest bathroom that would get used only a few times a year. Comments and photos are appreciated!!

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I'm afraid I don't understand what you mean by "a single piece of glass". How would you get into the tub/shower? what would be on the short end?

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If your house is otherwise suitable for a family with kids and you think you might sell soon, I'd be hesitant to remove the tub.

Maybe use the money you would have spent to remove the tub and re-do the tile, and spend it on a really nice L-shaped or ceiling mounted shower rod, and decorative curtain? I found some examples on Houzz, like this one:

Traditional Bathroom by Seattle Home Builders Ventana Construction LLC

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I personally would probably not buy a house without a tub, even though I am not a frequent tub user. It's one of those things that sometimes you just need/want. And it would likely be a problem for families with children of an age to be bathing rather than showering.

You could build a partial wall (to the height of the tub deck) and add a fixed glass piece to the end of the tub. Or you could do an L-shaped curtain rod like bethinnc has showed.

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Thanks for all your replies. We will keep the tub and go with an L-Shaped curtain. :)

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I'd do the better and cheaper option and put a wall on the short side and be able to use a standard shower curtain. There's no point in doing a reno and putting back the same dysfunctional design.

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I know you already decided, but besides people who may have kids already, there are the dog people who need a place to wash fido. Even if your house is not conducive to kids, many young couples have dogs who are like their kids.

I have had the L shape curtain in a previous house and it was just fine. Don't skimp on the curtain and hardware and it will be fabulous.

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