Bosch oven door glass shattered during self clean

camargoSeptember 22, 2008

After lurking here for a couple of months as we undertook our kitchen remodel, I joined this weekend to offer good feedback on the seller of our Bosch double oven.

As luck would have it, yesterday I ran the self clean cycle for the first time, and, about 1/2 hour into it, the middle pane of glass on the oven door (there are 3 of them) shattered! I turned the self clean off and got to spend a Sunday evening vacuuming shards of glass out of every nook and cranny of the ovens and the area around them.

Anyway, thought I'd post our experiences with Bosch support here, as there is not that much data on their ovens. Model # is HBL355OUC (the "300" series of their 30" double ovens, with convection upper and standard lower). Had only used the convection upper a few times (installed 8/28) but we were impressed by the preheat time and the performance.

Called Bosch this morning and they referred me to a local shop, from whom I am waiting to hear back.

We've gotten a lot out of this site over the last few months (DIY gut remodel of original 1960 kitchen, including changing floorplan) and thought posting our experience with how Bosch resolves this issue may be of interest to others.

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Yikes, camargo! Yes, do please post updates. Hope it can be resolved easily and to your satisfaction.

(And I'm hoping that when you say "shards", you mean tiny little pieces of tempered glass, not jagged shards that could cut someone, yes?)

After reading about this happening to other people with other brands, or having the self-clean burn out the electronic circuit boards, we decided to go with no self-clean in our range (and no electronic circuit board, either). I suppose you could get a self-clean option that a future buyer might use, but they seem fraught with more risk than reward.

Bosch, we'll be watching...

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Thanks for the encouragement, flyleft.

Yes, it's tempered glass, so tiny pieces, not large shards. The unpleasant part is that the bottom of the oven door is open by design, so, when the middle pane of glass shattered, most of the glass ended up on the floor, on the door of the bottom oven, inside the upper oven, etc etc. Took some time to sweep/vacuum it all up.

Have called Bosch back to make sure the lower oven can still be used with no door on the upper and to see if I could get an update on the repair appointment. The lower oven can be used, but they were unwilling to help with the repair appointment; I need to wait for the local shop to contact me. Not unreasonable, although frustrating that we can't use this great oven that we just installed.

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Brief update: it's now been 2 days since the door shattered and 1.5 days since I first contacted Bosch. The local shop ("All Lines Appliance Repair") has not called me back. Called Bosch, and they tried to call as well; were also unsuccesful in getting in touch with them.

Bosch requested that I fax them all my paperwork around this purchase, assigned me a case number, and said they'd find another shop to do the repairs in 24-48 hours. Have sent the fax and waiting to hear back. Talked to an extremely nice and sympathetic representative at Bosch, but, have to admit, the pace of progress here is not exactly encouraging.

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Oh Bosch...get on it! This valued customer can't use her oven! Does she have to post pics to the internet to get your attention?!

camargo, you do know of, yes?

Here is a link that might be useful: keep this just in case...

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I would call Bosch back and tell them that you have posted here and that people are keeping tabs on your updates here. Their "customer response" will be tracked.

Speaking for myself, I had a performance question/issue and had called Bosch on it, they gave me the contact name and information of a company. Those chaps did come out - I did not have a very good feeling about the abilities of that company's rep and had an even more distasteful feeling about the second chap who came out to follow up. When the guy was on the phone with his boss, he let me speak to the boss - that was the chap from the service company who was apparently actually "blessed by bosch" or however this whole "Bosch accredited service rep" thing goes - who told me that his guy had given me incorrect information. Subsequently, I spoke to the Bosch customer service guys to corroborate the "information" that I'd accrued and they were livid that (a) the service guys were giving me flagrantly bad information (b) that the service company had sent out some random joe from their shop to address my service issue instead of the guy who really was "Bosch blessed". I thought that was all a lot of huffing and puffing for my benefit but it mustn't have been because they subsequently removed that company from their web list of approved service shops and they sent one of their own guys from their own shop (Bosch brand) to run the diagnostic evaluation and get to the bottom of my questions. He spent easily two hours doing a variety of tests to show me empirically what was what with the oven.

All told, while I'm not euphoric about Bosch's service capability, I was quite pleased that they were that serious about it, and eventually definitely got to the bottom of my problem. (Long story short: I should've read the manual.)

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update: after faxing everything to Bosch on Tuesday, they called back last night with the name of another shop to contact. Just got off the phone with the shop, and Bosch had already authorized the repair and is overnighting them the needed replacement parts. They'll call once they have the part to schedule service. Seemed very responsive.

Not thrilled about the time this is taking, but am happy that Bosch is clearly taking this seriously. Everyone I've spoken to there has been very pleasant, and seemingly focused on resolving this issue.

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5+ yrs ago after instillation of my Bosch DW I noticed a problem with the door springs. Apparently springs had been put on the door that were for a door with a panel so it wouldn't stay down. I called the store of purchase and that eve I received a call from a Bosch rep. Next day someone was sent to change the springs. I found them extremely responsive.

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i remember reading about this problem when i was researching appliances. here's a link to some customer testimony/complaints about this very problem with shattering glass. it's mixed in with some others, but there are at least three similar incidences listed here. good luck!

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Update: the appliance company scheduled a service call with me on Monday as they received the part. Appointment was for today. No one showed up. Called, and the owner claimed it was not on their calendar. I had documented the whole sequence of conversations. He was apologetic, and blamed his employee for not noting it. New service call scheduled for next week.

On the plus side, the lower (non-convection) oven works well, and succesfully survived its first self-clean cycle.

Has been two weeks now. Not happy. Bosch clearly has some service problems, at least in this area (New England).

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Update: fixed! repairmen finally showed up today. Replaced 2 of the 3 panes of glass on the door. Ran the self clean cycle, and no problems!

Hope this is useful to anyone else looking into Bosch double ovens. Performance, as mentioned above, has been very good, but this issue did take a while to fix. Price was excellent, so still overall feeling "ok" with purchase.

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Glad to hear it's fixed...honestly, for me, I wouldn't run the self-clean again; why chance it? Their glass obviously isn't strong enough. Just pretend it doesn't have self-clean and you'll be fine.

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camargo, glad it is fixed and you are pleased with the range. By the way above when I mentioned I had next day service from Bosch, I too am in New England, CT. But I have certainly run into slow repair service in NW, actually I had an extended warranty on my last appliances given to me because of the problem. It was a GE extended one and I attempted to use it once. No one would come out as far as we lived!

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2.5 weeks from problem reported to problem fixed. Non-emergency, as one of two ovens was functional the whole time. From what I am reading the delays were due to local repair shops and not Bosch themselves. Frankly, I do not understand the excitement. Job well done in my book.

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Okay. I just cleaned my Bosch and this happened - AGAIN. Second time. I am getting the run around from Squaretrade (had a warranty - they don't cover physical damage BTW) and Bosch wants to wait to send me a diagnosis and then determine if I am to blame. Seriously? I pushed "start" was all I did. Second time.

Something is wrong with their glass manufacturer.

So frustrated

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