undermount bathroom sink gap

illinigirlOctober 7, 2013

I usually post on some of the other boards here at GW, my first bathroom post I think. We recently toured a home built by our builder and I immediately noticed in the bathroom how there is a large gap in between the countertop and the undermount sink. It's definitely something I'm going to have to pay attention to in order to avoid the same happening in the home we are going to start building soon. Can you tell me where the issue is here:


Is it a problem with the installation of the countertop or is it the sink itself? How tight a fit is reasonable to expect with an undermount bathroom sink? (I would hope pretty darn tight). This particular setup looks like a cleaning disaster. If the issue lies with the sink, what do I need to look for in the sinks we choose to have a tighter fit?

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The problem is that the sink has an eased inside edge and not perfectly angled flat to fit against the underside of the stone. The fabricator should have cut the sink hole larger, to give more of a reveal of the sink edge, so that it contacted the stone where it is flat. This could be exacerbated by it not being a true undermount sink that is attempting to be undermounted. Or, it could be a hand made sink that isn't flat and can't be properly mounted without a gap. It's difficult to say exactly without viewing the installation in person.

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thanks, I'll review the sink selections carefully with the fabricator when the time comes.

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Excellent picture and explanation of the potential problems. This is a detail that I need to consider as I change my sink focus. The gap looks equal all the way around so the revealed edge that GreenDesigns mentioned is probably the solution to this rather ugly installation.

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This is not a plug, but I was just in the local Silestone warehouse and saw they now have a seamed undermount sink that matches the countertop. You can now get a "Corian" seamless look in engineered stone, but expect your fabricator to charge plenty.

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if that's true and you like Silestone, I would be tempted to try that. Love my kitchen corian sink that is seamless with the counter.

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Babka NorCal 9b

Why are you worried?l What will get up there? It is not a cleaning disaster.

We had our countertop cut to overhang the undermount Lacava sinks by 3/4". I just run a cloth unter that rim when I clean them. If you have an overflow on your sink, what do do figure will get up there? Nothing but dust. Choose the sink reveal that you like. Relax.


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