Wired alarm system

zebra26August 5, 2012

We are at the stage of putting in our alarm system. We would really like the wired one but worry about it voiding our window warranty. Should this be a concern?

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We have Andersen 400 double hunts.

We did not wire our windows but put glass break monitors on instead.

I was disappointed when we were building and was informed by the alarm co that this was our only real option.

Still feel a little uneasy that my windows are not wired. 6-7 yr old house, maybe things have changed---newer options out there?

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Unfortunately you don't have many options here. Window manufactors are going to void your warranty if you drill the windows. Our alarm company would not even offer this as an option and we got glass breaker sensors wired in as well. I ran alot of the wire in my house and left wire in the walls to wire the windows but haven't decided if I want to take the chance of voiding my warranty.

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Thanks. We also have the Anderson 400. I think we are going to just wore them for now.

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