Whirlpool sidekicks

proudmamato4September 3, 2013

Hi, I haven't been here for years. But now I need your help again! My Whirlpool Sidekicks have been installed for 8-9 years. Now the refrigerator has died. I'm kind of stuck getting a new Sidekick since that is how my kitchen is designed. However, the new style doesn't match my existing Sidekick Freezer. Does anyone know if the doors are interchangeable so I can put my existing door on the new unit? TIA!

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So your first step after buying a new refrigerator will be to invalidate its warranty?
Ah, perhaps a change of strategy is called for?
Option One - fix old refrigerator - probably uneconomic.
Option Two - buy a complete new set. Yes, that should work.

Ten years is getting on into Neverland for large appliances these days. Try to get a good deal on a new pair.

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That's a very good point. I actually ended up ordering both units from Gochnauer's for the best price out there. It's where I ordered my Fisher Paykel appliances at the time of my remodel. We decided it was better to just get both rather than risk a new model coming out that didn't match as soon as my freezer conked :P

The old refrigerator is irreparable, due to a leak within the sealed system. So repair wasn't possible.I just hope I can sell the freezer for something.

Thank you!

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