New York cracking down on fake reviews

weissmanSeptember 23, 2013

The state of NY is going to be cracking down on companies that post fake reviews about their products and services. They're going after the companies as well as the people who post them.

Hmm, we've seen a lot of positive reviews about Viking products recently!

Here is a link that might be useful: NY Times article

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Well at least we're smart enough to know that anyone who praises Viking or disses Bluestar or CC is definitely a troll. Those just can't be right.

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And just registered same day, too.

But in all honesty, my 36" Viking rangetop has been performing flawlessly for 11-1/2 years now. ;-)

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I don't know about you, sushipup - a good Viking and, IIRC, a bad Miele? Very suspect! ;-)

(I hadn't seen those current Viking posts until now. They do raise an eyebrow.)

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I hated my Viking cooktop - feel better :-)?

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That's what you get for getting a cooktop. The rangetop is far better. ;-)

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I know several people that have Viking range & range tops. One mentioned a problem while still under warranty. None of the others have had any issues.

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As far as we know, Luvstoput is still loving his Viking Induction stove, and has had no problems, (I think it's luvsto putt or close to that).

I will have to admit, with the exception of some European Induction Ranges, (which can't be imported to the US), that Viking is BY FAR, the best looking Induction range!!, (albeit "pricey"!

Also, alto it took some "Prodding", Viking did replace a fridge post haste after they saw the Garden web thread about the (Slow till then) service.
Viking in fact, posted in the same post that the Op with the fridge problem started.

So lets be "Fair", Miele has never helped out the folks with the low temp oven problems, and like the Kitchen Aid ovens of "Yesteryear" with the self clean problems, neither company has admitted a problem or made any effort to take care of those who still have the problem, (as far as we know)?

Not sure I want the govvyment, (New York), and especially California (buncha freaking idiots), getting into what is posted in our forums and "going after offenders". I think we are all smart enough here to separate the "wheat from the chaff"!!!


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I think fake reviewers either to tout a product or to tear one down are mischief makers and the practice is wrong.

Personally, used a viking range and it had one problem with calibration which was fixed readily. It has performed well otherwise for close to 16 years.

I have read on this forum posts by people who spoke intelligently about garbage disposals and Viking is noted as the very best with its own design from Hobart.

If they would come down on their price and bring back the batchfeed, I would be happy!

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