More Bluestar woes - help with gas cooktop.

ashikSeptember 21, 2012

I had finally decided on Bluestar 30" gas. With my heart and soul set on it, I was disappointed when the granite guy came to measure and told me it wouldn't fit due to it's height. Two weeks later and a cabinet guy said he could make it work for another $200. But he then tried to persuade me out of it after reading specs on the product and the warranty etc. I googled negative reviews and really became worried - about the poor customer service and problems with the ignitor system.

Please help me with any information you can offer - about Bluestar - or another gas cooktop with strong BTU power.

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1) There is no comparable gas cooktop on the market as of now.

2) Bluestar/Prizer-Painter does not make ignitors or spark modules. A few years ago they purchased a bad batch of spark modules and had many problems. Nothing recently.

3) The ignitors themselves are not protected and can be cracked with vigorous uncarefull cleaning of the cooktop but this is very rare. Ignitors are cheap and very easy to change. Last I saw they gave you two free ignitors with purchase of range,rangetop,or cooktop.

4) Bluestar has had issues in the past with customer service but I have not read about a significant issue in over a year.

As a Capital Culinarian owner that can't be accused of being a Bluestar fanboi I would get the Bluestar cooktop if my plans called for a cooktop.

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funny deeageaux - I posted a reply to you specifically on a different thread! What made you go with the CC rather than the Bluestar?

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I got the 36" with self-clean oven and motorized rotis for $5k delivered. It was a damaged box model that was refused by the original buyer. It works fine and had Captial come out to adjust simmers under warranty.

If I had found a 36" Marcus S. in Copper or in Red for a similar size discount I would have bought that. I don't like that on the range the door gets hot but I don't turn on the big oven during the summer anyways.

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I have that cooktop and it is awesome! It cooks and cleans up like a dream - and is installed with my granite countertops!

I would not have any hesitation in recommending it to anyone.

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cincat - do you have the 30"? How long have you had it installed?

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