Which brand of faucet do you think is good value?

mtnrdredux_gwOctober 24, 2013

In prior projects I have fallen hard for the pretty stuff. I have used lots of Herbeau, Samuel Heath and THG.
Now a few years later, I would conclude

1. According to my plumbers, this stuff is not made particularly well, and you are paying for style only
2. I see lots of attractive styles in places where I know they didn't spend what these brands cost
3. If I end up having hard water again (don't know yet), the spotting problem (even with 2x a week cleaning) is such a downer that I don't really enjoy the beauty of these things.

With that all in mind, for our new second home, I am going to be redoing 2 1/2 BA, adding a BA, and redoing the kitchen. Which faucet line(s) would you suggest I look at if I want good value? Does anyone carry unpolished brass at a good price point?

Thanks in advance.

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Cifial is well-made and decently priced, too. Not sure how extensive their line is (styles), but we are very happy with the three faucets we have.

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I've had good luck with Grohe.

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I've been investigating Symmons. On the Starcraft homes site (very helpful for LOTS of stuff) there's a lengthy review of lots of faucets and Symmons is one they recommend, noting that most consumers don't know it, because Symmons has spent decades serving the hotel and commercial trade and is a late comer to the residential design side.

They are all metal, have nice heft, a good finish and reasonable style. And they are VERY well priced for their quality. The problem is that it's quite tough to actually SEE one. I can't find one in any showroom nearby. So, I'm going on specs and pics on the Symmons site and what the person in the independent showroom near me said about them...which was, i liked them and I don 't know why we don't display them, except that we are rarely asked about them. I'm thinking I'm going to risk the restocking fee and order.

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Thanks everyone. Id heard of Grohe, but not the other two. Something to investigate!

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You can check hansgrohe too . It was the same company as grohe and then they split . Their axor line is nice and they are all metal and hefty .

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We have hard water and unlacquered brass all over the house. With our kitchen faucet being unlacquered it looks horrie. I'm actually going to clean it and send it to be lacquered because our water softener still causes it to look awful in just a days use after cleaning and then protecting with Rwnaussance wax.

I love our Rohl faucets and think they are a good value. We also have some Grohe, but some of their parts are plastic, which I don't love.

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The link below is the Star builders site that has the faucet info, mentioned above. Check it out, lots of good information. There is a part one article that goes with this article. You can find it at the tab at the top of the article.

I have Hansgrohe for my bathroom in the Axor line. It is their high end line. I love my Hansgrohe stuff in my first bathroom remodel, so I have it all set up for my current bath remodel.

My plumber swears by Wolverine Brass which is well regarded but only offered through your plumber, and it is ugly :)

Mongoct has referenced Symmons, referenced above, in many post.

Here is a link that might be useful: faucet reviews & ratings part 2

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Lillo, ThreeApples, Enduring,

Thanks so much for your ideas!

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Threeapples: I just swish some BarKeepers Friend across my unlacquered brass faucet--almost every day as I clean my sink. Keeps it quite nice enough with almost no effort. Spray it to rinse and use your towel to dry it .

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Please note that vedazu is taling about cleaning UNLAQUERED brass with Bar Keepers Friend. Son't try this on laquered brass. BTW, Bark Keepers Friend is the cleaning secret of the 21st century. If its metal (and not laquered), it needs Bar Keepers.

Check out PVD "brass". It's actually not brass at all, but usually an oxide form of zirconium (you know, the diamond substitute), and very tough (20x harder than chrome), cannot tarnish, and sheds most hard water spots with a wipe from a soft towel. Almost any manufacturer that offers a PVD finish has PVD brass. Most come with a lifetime warranty.

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Did you ever decide on a brand? I am going through the same hoops right now. My plumber says to stay away from the pricey brands and stick with Moen - from a reputable plumbing supply store, not from a big box. He says the Moen in the box stores are mostly plastic and they do not hold up. I keep looking at Hansgrohe but the reviews about their faucets are terrible.

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In a heartbeat, DELTA. Their customer service is amazing. We had a new water heater put in and the wacked out pressure blew through the kitchen faucet. It was about 5 years old I think. we called Delta, and since they no longer make that faucet they could not provide the piece which broke. They sent me a new faucet ( I selected) and I had it within 3 days. They might not have the panache that some other high end ones do, but man on man I am impressed. and MADE IN USA.

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Came across this site that is extremely informative that lists every faucet maker and their warranty score. Plus an excellent rating guide for each company.


MOEN, Brizo, Delta, Kohler, to name a few have lifetime warranty.

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Never been disappointed with Rohl. Grohe is ok, but as a poster metioned earlier, some of their stuff is plastic. The metal ones are very nice. I prefer polished chrome (durable, cheapest, easy to clean and never goes out of style) and both Rohl and Grohe do very nice chrome.

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The best value on a faucet today is probably Delta.

To clarify, I don't have any association with Delta or its parent Masco. I buy faucets in connection with remodeling kitchens and baths as a profession, and investigate faucets in connection with the review site I edit. That's my ONLY connection with any faucet company.

Delta styling used to be, and still is to some extent, dull. But, that's changing. Delta borrowed designers from Briso and Hansgrohe (also owned by Masco), and the new line of Delta/Brizo faucets is something to see. If you have not looked at Delta in a while, take a peek.

The new Delta Diamond Sealî ceramic cartridge is a good league ahead of everyone else's cartridge. A cartridge is typically tested through 500,000 on/off cycles without a failure to be certified for use in the U.S. or Canada (ASME A112.18.1, in Europe the testing is just 40,000 cycles). Delta had the cartridge tested by a independent testing lab through 5 million cycles -- or about 700 years of ordinary use of a kitchen faucet, without a failure.

I like other faucet lines. I think California Faucets, Waterstone, Sigma, Phylrich, Elkay, Symmons, Chicago Faucet, Watermark, Kohler, KWC, Graff, Hansgrohe (which has never been part of Grohe, sorry) and especially Moen all make good faucets, and Delta makes some real clinkers. But, on average I will take a Delta faucet over all others as the faucet that delivers the most enduring value for the most years at the least cost. It also has one of the best customer and warranty service departments, second only to Moen, Unless you beat the damn thing with a hammer, Delta is going to send you the parts to fix any broken Delta faucet for FREE for the rest of your life. Try to get that deal from Cadillac.

Notice that I left out American Standard and Eljer, now the same company (American Standard Brands) owned by a Japanese holding company, LIXIL. Made in Mexico from Chinese components, the quality has plummeted.

Price-Pfister, same thing. Thirty years ago Pfisters were a good all brass pfaucet made in California from American parts and one of the pfinest pfaucets made. Now they are mostly zinc and plastic,made in Mexico from Chinese parts, and a piece of junk.

Franke is out , it;s also made primarily in China now, but still sells for a "Made in Switzerland" price -- far more than I want to pay for a Chinese faucet.

Grohe was acquired by LIXIL in 2013 and is now, like American Standard, Japanese. Its quality has dropped a bunch.

Mico Designs is also made in China now except for a bare dozen of the old designs from 2002 still made in Italy. Its quality is down, and its customer and warranty service almost non-existent.

My second choice: Moen. Sorry to be such a dull bunny, but after investigating faucets for 10 years, I think America still makes the best faucets for the best prices.

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Thank you for this info on Delta!

Do you know whether Delta Diamond Sealî ceramic cartridge is used in the bath faucets and shower parts? If so, in what lines?

I only found information that this technology was used in their kitchen faucets.

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Old time carpenter, what do you think of the Rohl Classic? My problem is that I want a pull down faucet and the end has to be easily removable for cleaning. Right now I have an old KWC and the end pops right off and the strainer and the other parts (the outer ring of plastic with the holes) can be cleaned. All the new faucets I have looked at only have removable strainers and I learned that they are not designed to be removed often. I want one where the whole end comes off because we have a lot of gunk in our water. I have to clean ours at least once a month. I was told that only Blanco, Rohl and KWC have these removable ends. Do you have any other suggestions?

Sorry, I just realized I posted this query on two different threads dealing with faucet choices. I am finding it difficult to keep up with the many many posts here. Just showing my age. :-)

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To find out which Delta faucets have DST cartridges, do this:

Go to Delta Faucets.

Type "DST" (without the quotes) in the search box at the top right of the home page.

This will display a list of all DST faucets.

Delta is transitioning to DST in all faucets, some now have it, some not yet.

Last time I talked to Delta, there were no plans to use DST in shower faucets, but this could change at any time.

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I've had good luck with Moen. I buy my faucets from Home Depot. I go to the store and pick from whatever they have in stock. I've never had a faucet last over 10 years. Either the faucet starts leaking and I can't find a replacement part or the countertop needs replacing and a new countertop gets a new faucet. I have 3 kids and a wife who spends an inordinate amount of time using the bathroom faucet. I'm probably atypical.

I'm currently shopping for 3 bathroom faucets.

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Rohl's Classic is made by Green's Industries of New Zealand. It's an OK faucet.

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Just OK? That's scary. :-)

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Our Moen kitchen faucet lasted 5 years as did our friends. We got a Delta faucet and have had no problems....Delta is what our store recommended.

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I see no one mentioned Dornbrecht. They are high end of the higher end of faucets. Made in Germany. Cost is very high, but you get what you pay for. beautiful faucets.

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What happened to your friends? ;)

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i learned from this site, not the 2 different plumbers that charged me for parts and repair of my shower assembly, that delta replaces parts for life. i have 2 exact shower units from when i built the house 15 years ago. we have no manuals or info from the builder so i don't have part numbers either. i called delta tonight since the tub diverter (replaced by plumber) is not draining all the way again. i could not believe how nice the delta cs was! they are sending a new tub spout and new handle as the finish is cloudy for free and the rep gave me a brief tutorial on how to replace the handle. pretty amazing!
we need a new kitchen faucet for our reno and i am set to buy a delta!

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

I recently replaced a kitchen faucet. I tried to save a little money on the faucet when we did a remodel 15 years ago and I limped along with whatever brand it was all these years. It was an awful faucet. Decided to spend the money on a good faucet and researched. Loved the descriptions of the ceramic disc valves that you can get in faucets now and their longevity and bought a Kohler that had one. LOVE it! It's like night and day.

And one point, if you are not a DIY plumber who fixes his own faucets, even if Delta sends you the parts, you still have to hire a plumber for a repair. And one plumber visit can be as expensive as a $300. faucet.

I don't have personal experience with other brands of faucet, but plumbers I've asked, have all suggested Kohler in their top three brands. And in a faucet, I would look into the ceramic disc valve technology and see if that doesn't sound like what you want.

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My personal experience, for what it's worth - I've got a home-depot-sourced Moen pressure balancing valve in my second bath shower which I use every day. The trim and handle are chromed plastic and after 20+ years, definitely don't have the bling look anymore. However, the valve function is rock solid. I replaced the cartridge once when it developed a leak and it continues to live on.

On the other hand, I replaced my kitchen sink faucet with a home-depot-sourced single handle Moen. The handle was chromed metal while all the other parts were chromed plastic. It never felt solid and after about 10 years, the handle became loose and wobbly from wear and, again, the chrome finish wasn't great. The valve function was rock solid and never leaked.

I replaced it with a home-depot-sourced Kohler, about 6 years ago. My choices were limited at home depot - at the same time, I installed a water filter with a separate faucet and wanted to maintain a separate hand spray in my 4-hole sink. I wanted to get the job done quick and did not search and ponder long; just got what filled the bill at Home Depot and there wasn't much to choose from. Just now, I checked the Kohler site and it seems I ended up with the Forte 3-hole remote valve model. I just remember that I was pissed because I had to spend over 200 bucks.

Anyway, am totally happy with it; it was money well spent. It's all metal, the chrome finish looks brand new, it still feels rock solid and no leaks. Don't know if it has ceramic disks or not, although the current model Forte does.

In my current bathroom remodel, I'm going with Kohler faucets and shower valve. I don't recall the brand that is being replaced, but believe it was a "boutique" brand that was pretty expensive at the time. The sink faucet has developed a stem leak on the hot water faucet (separate hot & cold) twice over 20 some years and I simply replaced the cartridge. The chrome finish on the sink spout has dulled over the years, so I'm not very impressed with them. I'll have to see if I can dig up the receipts and discover the brand.

Prior to that, the bath had late 1950's American Standard faucets. Of course, they were all metal, excellent chrome finish even after decades. Valve and stem leaks were more frequent, and that was the usual changing washers and stem packing, which is a pain in the butt - old technology.

I'm in the Chicago area with city (Lake Michigan) water, so the water is not hard.

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Love my Delta kitchen faucet that was installed 12 years ago. Still as pretty as the day it was installed and with ZERO problems. We had to have a special part due to the thickness of our counter-top. Delta sent it out 2nd day and free of charge :) Hoping I can find a style I like for DH's bathroom. Unfortunately I did not find exactly what I wanted when we did the master bath in 07. Jado ended up having what I wanted and I have had zero issues with it as well but it cost me an arm and a leg!

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We found this thread while researching replacement faucets for the original Moens installed when the house was new 11 years ago. The kitchen faucet Moen is wobbly and since we're replacing a leaky sink will replace the faucet also. In addition one of the bathroom faucet Moens doesn't leak anymore (we replaced the cartridge), but even the plumber we called said there's something gritty inside and it needs to be replaced, too.

We like what we've read about the Delta line, with one exception. The brand is fine, but what about the lines within the brand? Some are "clinkers" as mentioned above, but how can we tell which is and which isn't? Price? Where's the cutoff?

How can I find a Delta that isn't a "clinker?"

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i have a delta trinsic that came from a plumbing supply place. it is awesome and sturdy. i love that delta replaces parts with a simple phone call and no proof of purchase (they replace 2 tub spouts from my 16year old home)
there is a rumor that lowes/hd sell faucets with more plastic parts as i can not be sure it isn't true, i search for a plumbing supply place near me which i found on the blanco website (i was buying a silgranite sink which i also love) the plumbing supply place was retail friendly and cheaper than lowes/hd.

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We went with Grohe for ALL bathroom fixtures, including shower heads and valves.

Kitchen faucet is Brizo (Delta's up-market brand.) Great warranty and styling.

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This was a very helpful thread for me, thanks. I looked at Delta but they didn't have anything in the style I was looking for so I checked out Symmons, a brand I'd never heard of previously. Found just what I was looking for! I'd been searching for a shower/ tub set for weeks and you guys solved it in a few minutes.

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Did you find that Symmons online only--or have you seen it first hand? Not saying it is bad brand--because I have read this thread several times and seen the other link's info as well....just wondering from a shopper's perspective since I need to find fixtures for bath remodel as well.

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RE the Delta line/quality--I think that only the Delta kitchen line has the diamond brand valve--which is lifetime. Many bathroom/kitchen fixtures have a finish that is supposed to be lifetime--so the valves in all product lines have not been upgraded...

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Loves2read - I have not seen it in person. Where I live it's pretty much just the most common brands and low end of those in the stores.

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