sugar_flJuly 3, 2011

I went to a site & Avast blocked it. Then I did a boot time scan & it came up with the following. I told it to delete. Is this a virus & am I clean if it is? If it isn't clean what should I do. I no longer have HIGH JACK THIS link.

File C:\Users\Darlene\AppData\LocalLow\Sun\Java\Deployment\cache\6.0\38\274ffee6-72837928:>langdriver\translator.class is infected by Java:Agent-DR [Expl], Deleted

Number of searched folders: 32982

Number of tested files: 674483

Number of infected files: 1



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Dar according to your post it has found and deleted an infection. You can always confirm this by running another scan which should come back with a clean report.

I believe you have either Superantispyware or Malwarebytes. Run a full scan with which ever you have as well. We cannot be too careful these days.

Why do you feel you need HiJackThis? It is a dangerous program if used unwisely.

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First of all.. the only reason I would have done a HJT would be to put a report in here.. NO! I would never do anything with it on my own.
I Have both MWB & Superantispyware & scan with them both often & do get the latest update. I did a full scan with both after getting blocked & came out clean with them. Then I did a boot time scan & found the virus.
I am going to do another boot time scan. I guess if it comes clean I am OK.. hope so.

I am using chrome browser. For some reason my extensions don't always work right. They will when I 1st put on Chrome then after awhile will just flash & go back off. We have re-installed Chrome but that didn't help. I have to close Chrome & open it back up if I want to use one of them.. no big deal really but shouldn't have to do that.

Also when I save my bookmarks to a flash drive it cuts them off before all get saved. Now I'm having to save them to the desktop then send them to the flash drive. Then I have to find them & drag them to the right folder. Again NO big deal but shouldn't have to do all that to save my bookmarks to a flash drive that has plenty of free space.. I save them onto 2 flash drives just in case.
Aren't computers fun :0)
Thanks for the answer,

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