Watching our security system from another location

ilmbgJuly 24, 2014

I am the person who reviews our security system when there is an incident at our condominium complex.
It sometimes takes hours of viewing playback to find what I am looking for (theft, vandalism, drug deals).
I need to be able to view the system from my home at times. If I am out of town I must be able to do the same. We use Hikvision. They do not know how to configure the system so I can do this. Nor does Time Warner, who is our server.
How do I go about setting this up?
Thank you

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Maybe reading the FAQ would help? Sounds odd that the provider of the system can't or won't help you...surely they've encountered a request like this before. I looked at the FAQ and was not impressed..poor use of English in several places. Foreign company? Not sure about this, but thinking at some point you may need a static IP from Time Warner...hope I'm wrong.

Here is a link that might be useful: Hikvision FAQ

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I'd be curious, where is the recorder located ? How do you view it now ?

Normally a recorder would be on site, network connected to a router. You would have some PC software on your computer from the Hikvision for viewing it.

You could connect to its router from home or anywhere in the world if the router is set to port forward as a webserver the recorder with the Hikvision viewing program.

You need to set up the Router to allow remote access and allow the recorder as a www web server. So where is the router that this recorder is plugged into ? That's probably all you need to configure. Assuming you have the viewing software.

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