Gaggenau Steam oven to replace microwave?

ilovecat1September 8, 2012

Hello. This is my first post! We are about to start a kitchen remodel and getting a Gaggenau Ed231630, which should arrive in a couple of days. This is the older Gagg steam oven, but I am getting it new, never used. Any thoughts on using this in place of a microwave???? We currently just use the micro for heating up stuff and snacks for our 11 & 13 year old boys. I have to decide quickly because it is holding up our design and I need to finalize in order to order my cabinets. Prior to "having to have" this steam oven, I was going to do the Thermador wall oven/conv micro combination (2 ovens.) Now I am not sure if I need that many ovens. Help. Thanks.

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Can it replace a microwave, yes, will it be the same as a microwave, no. What I mean is you can use it to heat and reheat foods, but think of it as an oven, not a microwave. It will heat up quicker than a full size over, but it still requires heat up time and takes time to cook food, it doss not have the speed of a microwave.

Hope that helps.


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Here are two good threads about this on gardenweb. See if these help:

Reheating - Miele Steam Oven vs. Microwave - How Long?

Will a steam oven really replace our microwave?

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You will love your Gagg but you still need a small, cheap microwave somewhere for occasional use. But, you will never want to use it to reheat after you use your Gagg.

Good threads Zartemis linked for you above.

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Thanks so much. Another question. Gaggenau wall oven 27" which is the 200 series. I can buy a floor model at a good price to go with my steam oven. Concerned about the size. Although it is wider that my current old oven by 3", it is also 3" shallower. Will I have enough oven for my family of 4? Anybody have the steam plus 27" wall oven? thanks.

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I am planning a 27in gaggenau oven with a 24in combi steam above.. Kitchen is stil work in progress., so everything is is waiting in the garage for the installation.


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see my comments re: Gaggenau 27" oven in the other thread

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