Master layout advice please

mattypiesAugust 24, 2014

I am having trouble with the layout of the master bath/closet. I would do not wish to have a tub just a nice size shower, vanity and toilet. Any ideas would be so welcome.

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Where is the bathroom and closet? Is it destined for that empty space above the bed?

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Yes! I recreated the plan in floorplanner and left it empty as the old layout doesn't work in there anymore.

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Is the wing on the right meant to be 6" narrower (front to back) than the wing on the left?

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I'm obviously haven't done a very good job redrawing this. I will attach the drawing from the builder, his measurements are correct! I have moved the entrance to the master in hopes of making the space more usable.

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What is it that you don't like about the existing layout?

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I wish I could increase the footprint but that is not an option. It all feels cramped to me and not the best use of space. I don't like the window in the closet but it needs to be there for the rear elevation. If I could find a way to rearrange the space maybe I could have one bigger window?

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I would put the door to the bedroom off the LR. The the hallway next to the stairs is unnecessary, and could be added to the second bedroom.

Then, with the door to the bedroom further down, looking at the first drawing, I would do the closet to the left, just to the left of the window. The bathroom could be on the right.

Or, since you've made the second bedroom bigger, and the master is now a little less private, would you consider making the second bedroom the master? And then you'd access the closet/bathroom through the door that the architect has drawn for the entrance to the master.

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Thanks for the food for though amberm145. I wouldn't switch the master with bedroom 2 as the master looks out over the lake and has a balcony.

I have considered moving the entrance to the master into the living room but I keep reading on here that this is not a good idea but I will weigh the pros and cons again.

My builder just sent an idea for another layout that may be interesting. I have mocked it up in floor planner and will attach it her. I think my measurements are still a little off?

How much room is advised between the vanity and the sink? I had to recess the vanity into the closet a little to make this work. The vanity is 4 feet and the shower is 3x4.

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