Samsung RFG238 noise question

foodonastumpSeptember 17, 2013

I've had this fridge installed for a couple weeks now and it's driving me crazy. I can deal with the occasional vibrating that goes away with a good shake. I can deal with the various pops and odd mechanical noises as it does whatever it is it does, presumably related to the two ice makers. But there's an underlying droning noise that's driving me absolutely nuts.

It's not a loud noise, it's a deep, oscillating sound. The best way that I can describe it is imagine you're at the beach and you hear the diesels of a large boat way out in the distance. This sound reverberates around the first floor of the house. In fact it took me a while to figure out it was the fridge.

Any owners experience this, or non-owners have suggestions? I imagine if I call for service they'll tell me it's normal operating noise, especially since it's not loud. But it's maddening, and I don't even have good hearing. It's making me hate this otherwise acceptable fridge. I'd take the louder but steady sound of my old GE in a heartbeat over this.

TIA for any thoughts.

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I've got the 238, lowes model which has 2 ice makers. Just documenting the proper model numbers in case anyone googles and wants to find an unhappy customer. I will call Samsung and post a follow up.

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