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kled2008August 5, 2012


We have found images of a home that we love, but can not afford to hire the architect to create a custom design for us. I am looking for an architect or draftsman that can take the photos we love and, for the most part, replicate the home for us, and not charge an exorbitant price. We are more than willing to pay for someone's time and talent, but need to do so in a cost effective manor. We need floor plans, some elevations, window and door schedule, etc...likely do not need a foundation plan, as our builder is good with that sort of thing. I've attached a link that shows a few images of our dream home. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!!

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This link shows another exterior view of the home. I know it will be an exoensive drem home, but want to be good stewards of our resources and have cost effective plans made.

Thank you all so very much!!

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Do you want someone to create a custom home plan and layout for you with the elements of this home that inspire you?
Do you want someone to commit copyright infringement to redraw for build this architect's vision?

The most cost-effective plans of this house will be to buy them from this architect--the one who owns them, intellectually and legally.

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Sophie Wheeler

If you cannot afford to buy the home plans of the home you like, you certainly can't afford to build it. Buying the plans is just the start of the drain on your bank account.

Perhaps you should consider buying something existing if you need to meet a strict budget for your housing requirements. It will be a lot cheaper.

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I have to agree with others. This is an expensive house to build, between the size, jogs, rooflines, if the architect is outta reach I would think the house is. In Atlanta the house is a couple million. The Atlanta market is pretty generous in stretching a dollar. I know this because I am building here. Other places this house could easily double.

Also this is a very well known architect, not just a house you took pics of by the road. Most architects with any integrity would not copyright infringe.

When I came to my architect I gave hima pic of a $20 Robert Stern house. Along with pics detailing how I wanted the inside. He drew inspiration from all those elements and put together a floorplan that I loved within a few days. He was not expensive at all, but not cheap either. It was worth it to get my vision done and was a small percentage of the budget. I would look up plans on southern living and call some of the architects there. Get an idea of what their cost and timing would be. You might be pleasantly surprised that a custom design is not far out of reach. I know I was.

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$20 million...not $20 ha!

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Thank you all for your thoughts. I may look into options with the original architect, as it would be the easiest route...just didn't think most architects sold their custom designs in that manor. In regard to integrity and ownership of the design, I am well aware of copyrights and was not intending to have an exact replica of this home made, rather take many elements that I love from the exterior and mary them with a floor plan that works for our family. After spending vast sums of money on a custom design with a well known Atlanta architect, only to be disappointed with an apparent lack of "listening" on his part, I would prefer to use a draftsman who might be more apt to incorporate our needs as opposed to creating his "vision". I am aware that there are wonderful architects out there, we however, are shying away due to this unfortunate past history. I guess I was just looking for suggestions for draftsmen that are good and familiar with high end homes....
Thanks again!!

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Annie Deighnaugh

So sorry for your bad experience with architects...if its any consolation, we had 6 in total. We are so glad we found the right one and what a world of difference it makes...including the eye to detail, the experience with working and seeing spaces in 3 D to get the proper scale and massing. But architecture also has to do with making plumbing runs and electrical and hvac all work...and marrying the inside functions with the outside aesthetics...and making sure the darn thing will stand up...not to mention site planning like if there is a flood plain or wetlands or wind loads, etc.

If you were building a std house then a std builder could help you...but for something so grand and lovely, the right architect will be worth his/her weight in gold.

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It seems to be a consensus that most architects are expensive and hard to work with. Summerfield on here seems very architect was also pretty awesome to work with....price and skill level. Maybe we should start a thread on good architects.

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What style would you call the house in that link? I love it!

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Agreed with starting a thread on good architects! gaonmymind, would you mind sharing the name of your architect? I would be interested in seeing if he might be a good fit for us. I am not sure that the house in the link is a specific style, rather it draws on several European styles with a definite Lutyens influence...I LOVE it!!

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