Shower with just curtain for now? Pictures?

kirkhallOctober 3, 2012

Hi All,

I am looking for pictures to share with my spouse of showers that just have a shower curtain for now (not glass doors yet).

I think, eventually, we'll put in the glass doors, but I am not sure if they will make the budget this time. We plan to make sure we have adequate blocking for future doors though.

Also, if you have this setup, do you find that you get more water on the floor with the curtain? I am worried about water getting around the curtain in the lower corners.

(note, this will be a shower only--not a tub/shower combo).


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No pic, but if you're doing the blocking on the walls, then you should go ahead and put in the curb at this time. The curb will help keep the water from escaping the shower at the floor level. If you have the little blocked walls on either side, you could run the shower curtain rod from interior shower wall to interior shower wall (vs within the top of the doorway itself) and that should help with any splash around the sides of the curtain.

Hope this helps!

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How large is your shower? My personal objection to shower curtains is that, depending on airflow in the bathroom and the size of the shower, the shower curtain often billows into the shower and sticks to the person using it. This is especially frustrating when I am trying to shave my legs.

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I never got my planned shower doors because I am so happy with the curtain! No glass to clean! I have a cloth shower liner, with a decorative cloth curtain that covers it. Single rod - I used to have double hooks, but after fighting with them, I just put in single rings and hung them both from the same rod. Maybe the two pieces of fabric keep them from blowing but I have no problem with it. I have hardwood floors in my bath, so am careful to not let the curtain fall outside the curb, but it's never been a problem. If I had kids using the shower, I probably wouldn't want to count on them keeping the curtain in place. Sorry no pics.

Here are some from Houzz:

Traditional Bathroom design by San Francisco General Contractor RYAN ASSOCIATES GENERAL CONTRACTORS

Contemporary Bathroom design by San Francisco Design-build Harrell Remodeling

Contemporary Bathroom design by New York Architect CWB Architects

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Olychick, thank you for finding those pictures. And, good to hear you don't experience the sticking problem of a billowing shower curtain. How tall is your front curb olychick? Also, I've never heard of a cloth curtain liner. How often do you wash it? (I'm only familiar with plastic-y liners with the cloth curtain on the outside as decoration.)

Our shower will be 3x5, and we do intend to put the lower threshold across the front (we can't do a no threshold shower because we can't sink the shower section... if anyone knows a different way to do it, I'd love to know, but at this time, we will have the curb).

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We never installed shower doors. We just use a liner with a decorative curtain. We just toss them into the washing machine to keep them clean and replace the liner as needed. We use a curved shower rod which solves the billowing problem for us. We got ours at bed bath and beyond.

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My curb is standard 3" 4"??? Not sure. The curtain liner is like some you see in hotels. I love it, think it is 100% polyester. I, too just throw it in the washer with bleach once in a while - it's taller than a tub size - available at BedBathBeyond. There are some online stores that sell taller and wider versions if you need them.

Here is a link that might be useful: Extra long shower curtain liner

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Thanks olychick!

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