Jacuzzi Toilet Reviews?

sierrahhOctober 24, 2011

Saw a Jacuzzi Espree toilet at Lowes that has a very clean line with skirted base. Instead of a little ledge where the screw goes--the one with the little cover that's forever popping off when you clean--there is a round, flat access piece that opens up when you need it.

Looks nice. I'm wondering if anyone has experience with function? It's 1.28 gal flush and claims "superior flushing power." Funny how that phrase is not to be trusted except by experience!

Price at Lowes was under $300.


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I'd pass - how long have they been in the toilet business ???

American Standard has a very similar looking one (at lowes) for a hundred dollars less. They have been making toilets, that work, for about a century.

Why take a chance on the Jacuzzi?

Here is a link that might be useful: Am Std. toilet

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my plumber said they are hard to find parts for.

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I am looking at a different Jacuzzi model that is skirted and has a more traditional vibe. It fits my budget and will be in a less utilized powder room. I was hoping someone who bought one would chime in.

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Lynne Reno

Search Terry Love's forums- that's the best source of unbiased reviews I have ever found and lots of plumber's post their opinions there too (link below)

Here is a link that might be useful: Terry Love Toilet Forum

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Thanks for all your thoughts!

Decided to go with the Toto Guinevere, which also has a skirt. Costs a lot more but got some great recommendations from someone who has installed many that they function well in our mountain neighborhood.

Homeclick.com had a 10% off promotion plus free shipping. Since we need two, this was a significant savings.

Ordering fixtures and appliances is always a leap of faith until everything is installed and functioning. We shall see!

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Stay away from these toilets! I have had one since last summer and have had nothing but problems with the return tube staying attached to the overflow tube. Bad design and water overflows from the tank lid and floods the floor.

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I've personally installed two Jacuzzi toilets in house (upstairs and downstairs) and have no regrets. They have a powerful flush that has moved everything we've dumped into them (no pun intended) and have had no issues whatsoever. I'd recommend them.

As for the American Standard someone else recommended, if their toilets are anything like their faucets I would stay away. My father has recently installed a new AmStan faucet in his bathroom and has had nothing but problems since. The first one leaked. So far AmStan customer service sent him two wrong cartriges and another one that leaked.

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