Small Basement Bath and Dark Furniture??

3kidsonedogandusOctober 22, 2013

Hi All,
After suffering through a sewer backup at the beginning of the summer, we are finally two weeks away from starting to put the basement back together. At least I get a badly needed (desired?) bathroom and laundry room out of the deal.

The new space will be 7 feet square, so pretty small (and we are enlarging it by a few inches!). Old house, no space! So my question relates to the finishes that we will use. I REALLY like a classic look. My designer/friend wanted me to go modern, but I really feel that today's modern is tomorrow's dated, so feel that classic will stand the test of time better. And this is my ONE shot to get this right. Regarding floor tiles, although my friend warned me that white ceramic hex tiles would drive me crazy because they would get dirty and stained, I have actually chosen a mosaic white ceramic hex tile with a 2.5" diameter, so a little bigger than the classic small tile (therefore fewer grout lines). There are black squares interspersed regularly among the white hexes. These tiles will also be on the floor of the teeny laundry area through which one will have to walk to get to the tiny bathroom. The wall tiles in the bathroom will be simple white subway tiles about 1/2 to 3/4 of the way up the walls (all the way up in the frameless glass shower area), topped with a black pencil liner and then a white bullnose type tile on top of that.

In your opinion, will this tile be a little too busy? Trouble is, I REALLY love this style of tile and I cannot afford a classic marble floor tile (it is the basement after all) and it is $5 a square foot!!

My other question is about the (yet unpurchased) vanity and the medicine cabinet. But the stained wood recessed medicine cabinet I am thinking of is from Pottery Barn (on sale!) and is called Seville Recessed Medicine Cabinet. The vanity is from Home Depot in Canada and is called Foremost International Hawthorne 24 inch vanity. Will these dark pieces make the bathroom that much smaller looking and feeling or will they just add to the classic charm I am trying to achieve?

So to recap - White subway tile up 3/4 of wall all around bathroom, medium sized black and white hex floor tiles, frameless glass shower enclosure with a pony wall separating it from toilet, dark stained recessed medicine cabinet and dark stained 24" wide vanity topped with some sort of white caesarstone type material and all in a 7' x 7' space. Oh, and I am thinking a very pale greige paint on the remaining wall space.

What do you all think? Too busy? Too much contrast? All opinions are welcome. I won't be offended :) :) :)

P.s. I tried posting pictures, but couldn't, sorry!

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The white Hex shouldn't get dirty, but I would recommended using a medium-dark gray grout on the floor. I don't think the scheme sounds too busy (but I would probably not pick a dark framed mirror and vanity personally). The white tile and proper lighting will keep it from seeming too dark, I think. This combo is used in lots of windowless baths around here.

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I think bathroom and laundry are wet places, light color of the tiles and furniture would be better!

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