Flash Player doesn't work on PC Facebook

ellie45July 30, 2014

I have:
Win 7
IE up to date
Adobe Flash Player 14 plugin, ver14.0.0.145
Adobe Flash Player ActiveX same as above

I can watch on iPad so I know what I uploaded or have received is good.

Any ideas?

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I have healed my problem.
I installed Flash Player over and over again but unchecked Google Chrome.

After installing Flash Player with Google Chrome it works Flash Player works on Facebook now.

As a side note: Chrome has had viruses in it in past years. They came with the program and taking it off solved a few big problems.I I must be vigilant and remember I have it when new problems arise. Facebook must have suddenly demanded Chrome to be with the Flash as there are many complaints and the problem is new to me.

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First off, I will say thanks for trying to explain what happened and how your problem was solved. But I have to say, the explanation leaves me completely mystified.

Are you saying that Flash player would not function on FB using Internet Explorer until you installed Google Chrome? That just doesn't make sense to me and I would expect a few million people to be complaining about it.

Or, are you saying that you are now using Google Chrome to access Facebook and that Flash is operating in Chrome?

I find it hard to accept that Facebook is suddenly demanding something like this. I also don't think Chrome comes with a virus unless you got it from a malicious third-party provider instead of from Google Chrome directly. Hopefully someone else knows more about your problem.

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Google main business is Advertising. They are an advertising company. It my book that makes them a Potentially Unwanted Program.. a PuP as called many antivirus programs. Adware / Spyware.

So I guess you could call google chrome a virus.

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On the Adobe forum I found a complaint similar to yours. His problem was that the Adobe Shockwave add-on had been disabled in Internet Explorer. Once he enabled it the problem was fixed...FWIW.

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There are many people complaining about my problem. Some complaints are 4 years old.

After working on it all night, yes, adding Google Chrome when I reinstalled it made it work.
Today, some videos work and some don't on my PC. I haven't had the chance to distinguish if the source is the problem. I uploaded video from my PC that were first taken on my iPhone. They worked at first and now those other than that kind are working. Some interference took place.
I use Google as my default browser. Maybe Google Chrome took over.

I can still see videos on my iPad.
Yes, Chrome was a problem and Landzdown explained a couple of years ago why. It was an exhausting fix.
Now, I have to spend another night working on this. I think I will go to Landzdown if I can't fix it myself by reading a cure that fits.
Thank you for your interest. I also add that FB is a wicked place to hang out. Very tricky and manipulative. IT(FB)decides which of my posts should reach all of my friends. IT decides which posts go first or most recent.. IT decided that you can pay money to keep your posts on top whether you are a business man or regular folk. They experiment with users like we are prisoners during WWII. Yes, I stay on to stay in touch. Thank you. Any comfort you would like to bring me would be great but I think it is hard to help me from a distance and no log to work from.

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For those who were surprised by my dislike of a Google Chrome, there are a number of articles that you can see by searching "why you shouldn't use Google Chrome"

Articles called Facebook won't play videos on my PC and some mobile units are in great abundance. Some blame Chrome plug ins or Flash Player plugins. Being able to see some videos from random sources including mine is common. Downloading Flash
Player and rebooting is not a civilized answer when they reach out in great frustration. Facebook is not helping even when questioned on their own site.
Azinoh , I can see more videos on FB using my PC after I put in Chrome. I use Google as my browser. This is just an FYI to you all that let's you know there are many complaints, some shysters willing to take your money and no single fix. You may have friends who ask for your help.

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PKponder TX

So, it's videos that you need flashplayer for and not games? I don't really understand the difficulties that you are having with FB. Google Chrome also uses pepperflash which can be in conflict with Adobe Flash, but that typically only affects games.

I am on FB several times a day with none of the difficulties that you describe and I don't use Chrome, although it is installed as a backup browser. You might want to check and correct your privacy settings and be sure that your posts are visible to your intended group (Friends or maybe a customer group). Always be diligent about clearing your browser cache, you can search for the way to do that in your preferred search engine. Instructions will depend on which browser you like to use.

You can also use the browser that you want and set it as your default browser.

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Google Chrome browser comes with flash player built in, and it is automatically updated. There is no need to install flash player for it.

You can if you wanted to be sort of geeky disable it in the about:chrome settings... then if you wanted, install the regular flash player plug in.

Some info and instructions on how to disable the built in flash and install the plugin on the page below at adobe....

Malwarebytes has a new goody that adds some protection & sometimes around facebook a little extra is a good thing .. free .. small, simple / http://www.malwarebytes.org/antiexploit/

Here is a link that might be useful: http://helpx.adobe.com/flash-player/kb/flash-player-google-chrome.html

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I use the latest IE on windows 7 and have none of those problems on facebook but I don't have 100 friends either just a few to help me with my games and I have mostly everything blocked. Mary

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Thank you all for help. I have lost the post I sent to you here twice now. I have given up getting messages on my email. I wonder if any of you received a personal email from me as I tried despite warnings of privacy for some of you. I thought they would come here.

I am fine on FB now. Why, I don't know. I have looked at Shockware, cleaned out browser, put on Flash player with and without Chrome. The abundance of ads on FB that are definitely dangerous to your already compromised privacy are shocking. I will be back for more insight and help.

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PKponder TX

I just replied to your email Ellie.

Always remember that Facebook is a voluntary activity and if you truly feel that it's dangerous and compromising your privacy, maybe you should stop visiting Facebook.

You do know how to adjust your privacy settings, correct?

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If you don't want to see the adds on the right side of the screen on FB then install add block plus and all you will see there is blank white. Mary

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pkPonder. Thanks for replying to email. I'll take a look. I have my privacy settings straight I think. It took a while to understand and I also have a friend who announces new threats that FB has put upon our safety.
I have not changed to messenger and know others have used it for awhile and wanted me to. Why?
My bank credit card was used by an owner of a restaurant who had my receipt from the week before. The man wiped me out without swiping it or getting my signature. Yeah, I have gone after him. My bank investigators got him right away - when I notified them. It is disturbing in many ways. I caught him also swiping it twice and one of those swipes had no signature. It went thru my bank. Scary. Privacy is uncertain anywhere. Pay with cash some say. Need documentation for some things like overcharging.

Thanks, Mary for the adblocker info. No, I didn't know I could do that. It is great news to know the site online I looked at shoes yesterday won't show up on FB the next day. I am a student to all of you and do listen. I come back here to just read.

Also on FB there are come-ons within the postings. One yesterday shouted "Would you like to know more about your neighbor?" and a link. There were hundreds of people who responded with a resounding NO. FB lets us learn hard lessons on our own while counting the cash they made off of the deceitful people. I detest it but use it to keep up with friends - like everyone else.

Next up I will ask u all how to get my "downloaded to PC" IOS pics and videos landing in the right direction and do I have the right software and other hard stuff to easily send them to FB and other places. I think most of you are Android users. But I will wait and let you digest the conundrums I have place on you so far.

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PKponder TX

I've read that you should take pictures from an iPad or iPhone with the home button to the right so that they are oriented up when you post.

I have FB friends that repost a lot of that 'Look what Facebook is doing now' stuff and I just scroll on past it. The people that posted to "Would you like to know more about your neighbor?" will see more of the same stuff just because they commented. Surely you don't think that the Facebook admins care a bit about what we think, right? :-)

They won't miss us when we are gone either :-)

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Don't have an Ipad and hardly post to facebook from my android phone with the facebook app so no help from me. Mostly just use my PC to upload and post facebook stuff the very little that I do post. Hopefully someone with an Ipad can help you get it sorted. Mary

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