Will I regret a counter depth fridge & slide in oven?

AGK2003September 30, 2013

So, we looked at appliances this weekend and have pretty much settled on a counter depth FD electrolux. we chose this model because it had a more box like sleek look like the built-ins. will we regret losing the space we are used to with a standard depth fridge? we are redoing the whole kitchen and are looking for a clean look. the refrigerator will be in the middle of a run of cabinets so it's a bit difficult to conceal the refrigerator sides with cabinetry.

we also chose a 30" slide in thermador oven. we currently have a regular kitchenaid range oven. will we "feel" the loss of the one or so cubic feet of oven space going to a slide in?

it seems counterintuitive that we are actually getting less space with our new appliances.

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No advice, but I'm considering the same appliance setup so I'll be curious to see the answers.

I'm confident in the counter depth fridge because we have a full fridge in the garage and a chest freezer.

I didn't realize a slide-in oven ate oven space, though! Mine will be a range but it hadn't occurred to me that might affect oven size. I'll have to look carefully at that.

I wanted the slide-in because it will give me more space on the cooktop: pots can go further back towards the wall.

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Honestly until this post I didn't notice slide-ins have smaller cavities. I'm guessing about 3 inches in height? Hasn't affected my life thus far. The CD fridge is a lot more noticeable; sadly that's just a fact of life. Go shallower without going ($$$) wider and you've got a smaller box.

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We are switching to counter depth as well. I'm sort of looking forward to getting rid of that space at the back where things go to die. Also known as the Condiment Museum. But we are only a household of two, so efficient use is more crucial than cubic feet. Also switching to a slide in oven under the counter. Hadn't thought about it being smaller, but as long as it holds a regular roasting pan and sheet pans, it works for me.

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When you say 'slide-in oven', do you mean a wall oven?

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thanks for the responses! no not a wall oven, by slide in (pretty sure that's what they're called) i mean the controls are in the front, not the back against the backsplash and the sides are unfinished so it's meant to "slide-in" between counter cabinetry.

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That would be a slide-in range you're describing, not a slide-in oven.

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A fridge in the middle of a counter run? That should be remedied ASAP! Fridges belong on the perimeter in kitchen design because of their status as the "attractive nuisance". You want to keep people out of your prep zone.

And you'll probably want a smaller fridge somewhere as an auxiliary. in a laundry room or somewhere else. We've got that, and we're just a two person family with a full sized fridge in the kitchen.

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As to the oven size of a slide-in range, it depends on the manufacturer. With some of them, the oven part is full-depth eventhough the cooktop part is not.

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We had a side by side refrigerator in the middle of a cabinet run in our last house and it worked very well. There was an island right in front of the refrigerator and the stove was across on the opposite side of the island. You could pull food out and set it on the counters on either side (due to short doors on the side by side) , or you could turn around and set it on the island. Whoever was cooking could take items right from the prep/serving area on the island to the stove or oven.


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Middle of a "cabinet"' run or "counter" run? I could see the former working and the latter potentially awkward.

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sorry,to clarify, our refrigerator will be flanked by the pantry on one side and counter space on the other. and the pantry is the end of the perimeter.

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We have a CD elux fridge and we really like it. The elux is still big for a CD fridge at 22.7. Everything is easy to see and you don't loose anything to the back of the fridge, you know, where good food goes to die a slow death...

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