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bugsybanksJuly 15, 2012

Could someone tell me, please, how to once again be able to right click on a photo and use the Send To E-mail Recipient feature WITHOUT having to sing in to Windows Live Mail? It seems to me that I had this problem before and the solution was to make Windows Live Mail my default, which I've done, but that hasn't helped. The problem started again after a recent update.

Windows 7

IE 9

Please let me know if I haven't provided enough information.

Thank you for any help.


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Just thought I'd add a couple of things after doing some research.
It looks like if I want to be able to right click on a photo and use the "Send to e-mail recipient" option, I have to sign in to Windows Live Mail. Then, it takes away all my regular contacts and leaves me with only those for the Windows Hotmail account that I'm forced to sign into. If I sign out, I get them back, but cannot use the right click method to send photos.
Am I just too stupid to figure out the simple solution to this or is Microsoft just forcing us into this position?

Windows 7, IE 9

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I have windows live mail and use insert. If it is on the net I save it to my desk top then insert. Most of the time I want to re size it anyway.

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